22 November 2019

What is ICB?

Submitted by Tiffany Meyer
What is ICB?

ICB stands for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. It’s the world’s leading bookkeeping organisation, and has over 150,000 students and members across the globe.

It is a not for profit organisation, with their primary aim being to promote and maintain the standards of bookkeeping as a profession, and increase recognition for bookkeepers as an integral part of the financial sector.

ICB’s objectives are:

  • to promote bookkeeping as a profession
  • to increase recognition for bookkeeping as an integral part of the financial profession
  • to promote education and learning
  • to enable the achievement of a recognised bookkeeping qualification
  • to provide a trusted benchmark for the profession
  • to improve the career prospects of ICB members

What is an ICB qualification?

ICB qualifications are developed in consultation with employers, government, small business owners and experienced bookkeepers. Renowned as providing the principal and toughest qualifications in bookkeeping, ICB ensures that its syllabus is rigorously practical and relevant to the work you will be doing as a bookkeeper.

What are ICB courses?

ICB courses are fully accredited business qualifications, with everything from Financial Accounting to Entrepreneurship courses.

There are four main levels of ICB qualification. These range from the introductory ICB Level 1 course, through to the more advanced Level 4 certificate.

There are also a number of add-on qualifications, which run alongside the core four certifications. These range from specialist offerings for Payroll Management and Self-Assessment Tax, through to qualifications specifically catering for Financial Managers.

These courses will give you the skills needed to become a qualified accountant, or even start and run your own business.

Why do I need ICB?

ICB qualifications have earned a reputation as the industry-standard, and toughest, bookkeeping qualifications available. As a result, they are always in high-demand when it comes to employers looking to hire the very best Bookkeepers available in the field.

ICB qualifications are also globally recognised, with members in over 100 countries around the world. They have established offices in Australia, South East Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, which are responsible for setting standards of bookkeeping on a worldwide scale.

Where can I study ICB courses?

Study globally recognised bookkeeping courses at home or in the classroom. IBTC offers flexible studying options, which you can fit around your busy schedule. You can either choose to take them full-time or part-time, and online from your own home or within a classroom.

Advantages of becoming ICB qualified

Some advantages of becoming ICB qualified include:

  • A practical qualification which validate your skills in bookkeeping
  • Global recognition
  • The ability to start any time, with qualifications being taken every week of the year
  • The opportunity to become self-employed
  • Being in-demand for some of the world’s leading employers
  • The chance to become a member of the world’s largest professional bookkeeping organisation

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