17 April 2020

Study At Home With Our Online Recorded Lectures For All CIMA Students

Submitted by Tiffany Meyer
Study At Home With Our Online Recorded Lectures For All CIMA Students

We are here to enhance your career and enrich your life - that's our purpose. We do that with a clever selection of career-changer qualifications and a study support system that guarantees results.

Online education is changing the world, and when you record online classes, you get to be a part of a groundbreaking shift in what education can mean in the lives of your students.


Our Online Recorded Lectures complete with online tests and mock exams are specifically designed for online learning. It gives you the best of both worlds, combining the structure of a tutor-led course, with the flexibility to start studying anytime, anywhere.

Because question practice is key to exam success, we include a rigorous programme of testing. Our material is concise, contextual, exam-focused. It integrates theory and practice, Our methods are designed to be reflective, participatory and are wholly learner-focused.

Whats Included?

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Online Resources
  • Step-by-Step Programme
  • Practice Questions
  • Progress Tests and Mock Exams
  • Study Materials

Pre-recorded lectures from our expert tutors, gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn in a way that is tailored to you and your commitments. Our courses are built to provide the skills you need to grow in your profession. They are delivered by tutors with commercial experience and made to go beyond the demands of your exams. Whether you choose to study online or face-to-face, and are following an academic or professional qualification, you’ll get expert guidance from tutors with industry experience.

Every pass counts

The one true measure at IBTC is our pass rates. We stand and fall by our ability to make our students pass first time.


To all CIMA and ACCA students during the world-wide lockdown.We’ve decided to make our online classes platform available to CIMA and ACCA students at cost, to help students who are stuck at home without access to tuition. Our gift to you during this difficult time — because we want to see you succeed.These study aids were previously reserved only for BPP and IBTC classroom students, but unusual times call for unusual solutions. So, during the Covid-19 crisis we want to make our online platform available to you too!Get 6 months’ access to recorded lectures, online tests and mock exams so you can continue your studies from home. Offer only available for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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