12 July 2019

Portal launched for last minute discounted training

Submitted by Gerrit Davids

A new portal has been launched, allowing training companies and organisers to market last minute discounted training. 

The portal, which is aptly named, “Training Deals”, is the brainchild of TaranisCo Advisory, and it allows training companies, to sell last minute bookings of unsold seats. 

According to its founder, Gerrit Davids, Lead Advisor at the agency, “The portal came about through our own experience, where some times, we have unsold seats, which could have been filled through a last minute flash sale,’ 

“The idea is to earn the organiser an income, which they wouldn’t have had, if the seats were to remain unsold.” Davids says,

“The thinking behind the last minute flash sale, is not to compete with the training company or organiser, in that we will only accept discounted deals, and it must be at least three days before the actual event.” 

“As a training company ourselves, we saw the value in coming up with this initiative, and to be honest, if we could regularly sell a few last minute seats for our own training, even if its at a discount, those funds would have covered most of our costs at the training venue.” 

The discount structure will only allow organisers, to either sell last minute bookings at a 50% discount per person, or only charging the second delegate from the same organisation, 50% less on the standard booking rates. 

“It is our endeavour to convince other training companies to see that, as the biggest potential benefit, by using Training Deals.” 

A set commission payable to Training Deals will be applicable, with almost three-thirds of the fees going to the training company or organiser. 

The training provider or organiser, will always be able to set a limit on the amount of bookings to be available on the portal, and it will be paid within 7 days of the funds having been cleared, by bank of the person booking the training. 

Davids says, “The portal, will run on the same basis as Uber and Airbnb, where it will merely provide training companies or organisers, an additional outlet to generate some extra sales, either to complement their own marketing, or to use it only at the end, of their sales periods.” 

Davids further said, “The Training Deals portal, brings a new excitement to the market, since it only attracts people who are looking for discounted training offers”. 

For more details on how to list discounted training on the Training Deals portal, contact:  Gerrit Davids | Lead Advisor

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