30 November 2021

Parktown High School for Girls, take home the fifth weekly prize of R5000

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Parktown High School for Girls, take home the fifth weekly prize of R5000

The winners of the fifth weekly cash prize of R5000 are the students of Parktown High School for Girls located in Parkview, Johannesburg. The school offers a very special educational experience that encourages young women to be brave, resilient and to reach their potential. The school is set on quiet, attractive grounds and maintains a healthy balance of tradition, discipline and a progressive approach to contemporary education. After a troubling year for learners, many challenges were thrown their way and the girls embraced every one of those challenges. Deputy Principal, Gail Davidson shares the motivation behind taking part in the challenge, "Our girls have had to Be Brave and dig deep, both academically, emotionally and mentally. This dance challenge came at just the right time, before the final exams, and both our girls and staff had to ‘let loose’ a little; we had such fun during the filming of this dance and are so grateful to have had the opportunity."

The learners were told about the dance the days before filming and had the practice tutorial video was sent home to all the girls via WhatsApp. With very little time to practice in between studying for their exams, the girls seemed to embrace the idea of using their study breaks to practice the dance. "There was such an energy on the school grounds during the filming of this dance; it was a beautiful summers day in Joburg and a very special moment for our school as everyone came together."

The prize money will be used to help the school's Parent’s Association which has been raising funds towards redoing the stands at the soccer field as it is something that will benefit all the girls. "This is such a wonderful competition as dance and music do unite people. We, as South Africans, are strong and brave and challenges like this help you to work together as a team and to rise up and do the best you can. Nothing will stop us from being Brave. Our girls at Parktown are Brave every day. This dance is so wonderful to share with our families, loved ones and the surrounding community and will hopefully challenge more people to take part in the competition." adds Davidson

This season of Sponsors of Brave is calling on all South African residents to Be Brave, Mzansi and to do the Dance of Brave. To celebrate and commemorate just how far we have come as a country, the Be Brave Mzansi campaign is asking everyone to get up and dance, as we rise together to beat the virus. Those who submit a video to enter stand a chance to win a weekly cash prize to the tune of R5,000. Three video entries will be selected as overall winners: one by a nationwide public vote who will win R20,000 and two chosen by the panel of judges and The Ndlovu Youth Choir who will win R10,000 each - one for the best individual or family and one for the best school or organisation.

Nicole Austin, Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave ambassador encourages everyone to get involved, "Our country has weathered so many storms, and we continue to rise, mostly because of our spirit of gratitude. We express this in many ways, but there is no more impactful way to show our courageous South African spirit than through song and dance. It unites us, it fuels us, and it is central to this brand new season of Sponsors of Brave - Be Brave, Mzansi. So get up, be brave, and move, Mzansi!”

Take inspiration from the internationally acclaimed Ndlovu Youth Choir from the hills of Limpopo and local celebrities such as Lira, Siv Ngesi and Robin Pieters as they challenge you to learn the Dance of Brave and share in the joy across South Africa.

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