09 May 2022

ORT SA and SOUTH32 officially launch coding and Robotics Project

Submitted by Jeanette Smith
ORT SA and SOUTH32 officially launch coding and Robotics Project

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng –ORT SA in partnership with South 32 has launched a Coding and Robotics project in the King Cetshwayo District, Richards Bay. The purpose of the project is to build capacity of schools and to enable them to teach and transfer IT and digital skills that are required for the future workforce.

The event took place in Birdswood Secondary School in Richards Bay, on the 28th of April 2022. The attendees, who were welcomed by the host, Mr. Mazibuko, Principal of Birdswood Secondary School, included the four participants secondary schools’ management and teachers and representatives of Department of Education Mr. Bheki Manzi, and the District Director, Ms. Wellie Nzama, as well as Ms. Balungile Mabele from South 32.

Ms. Ariellah Rosenberg, CEO of ORT SA, was excited about this momentous occasion and talked briefly about the organization’s background and its vision of ‘educating for life’. “This is why this project came about, to provide equal opportunities to schools from previously disadvantaged communities, with the well-thought and successful programme that will take the schools into the 21st century”.

ORT SA Coding and Robotics Coordinator, Mr. Amini Murinda, gave an overview about the project details and expected outcomes, demonstrating past successful outcomes including gaining a second place in a World ORT Youth Entrepreneurship Competition.

Vice President of Operations for Hillside Aluminium (South32), Calvin Mkhabela, said: “We are committed to implementing sustainable projects to help our communities. Education remains a crucial area and will be focal point for our team. Nothing can be more fulfilling than reaching out and making a tangible difference in the lives of young people. Joining forces with partners like ORTSA, highlights the importance of collaboration in order to bring about change for generations to come.”

District Director, Ms. Wellie Nzama, expressed her excitement about the project, saying that the schools will be an innovation hub for quality teaching and learning that produce learners, developed to take advantage of such opportunities. She also commended South 32 for the big role they have played. “It is always humbling to work with South 32 in our sector because they always prioritize investing in education. What you are doing is to create and ensure a conducive learning environment, and I thank you for that. What you have done today to bring ORT SA on board, is amazing”.

A Q&A session was then held, before the signing of documents and handing out of learning resources. We look forward to the success of this great initiative between ORT SA and South 32.

For more information about ORT SA www.ortsa.org.za or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo: (Mr. Bheki Manzi (Chief Education Specialist, GET), Ms. Betty Smith (Chief Education Specialist: Teacher Development; Head Office), Ms. Wellie Nzama (District Director, King Cetshwayo District), Balungile Mabele (Specialist Social Economic Development, South 32), Ariellah Rosenberg (CEO, ORT SA) and Mpho Matlala (STEM Academy HOD, ORT SA)

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