11 October 2019

New kid on the block: Introducing TRUTHCO Learning

Submitted by Alethea Dzerefos-Naidoo
New kid on the block: Introducing TRUTHCO Learning

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, we are newly formed business with a huge appetite and desire to make a great impact, reach people and for those people to take their dreams and vision forward. We are passionate about education and development.

Let’s start at the beginning. 

As you get to know us and hopefully, join our movement and programme, you will become very familiar with the following, which is our mission statement: TRUTHCO Learning is a supplemental & entrepreneurial learning programme designed to empower, enable & inform people by using the tools, resource & interests unique to each user to learn to rely on yourself so that when the rest of the world changes, you know how to adapt & make yourself relevant to that change in an excellent way.

This programme was born out of a huge desire to see more people feeling equipped, and empowered by being informed - something seemingly obvious but still very lacking in today’s society. Despite our widespread access to information, there is still a huge gap people experience which lead to huge shortfalls, disconnects and ultimately, aimlessness due to not having a proper foundation or the appropriate tools to navigate change, make ourselves relevant to it and lead better, more profitable lives. Yes, the above is a serious generalisation and a bit gutsy but that is part of the need for this programme, we need more people with guts and a willingness to do something different, to do something with what you have now. 

The reality is that not everyone can go to University, not everyone can even finish school, but, that does not need to determine the rest of your life or success in it. On the other side of the coin, there are some people who have all the opportunity but still cannot find what they are looking for. At the end of the day what separates us from leading a better more fulfilling life is what we choose to do with what we have, whatever that looks like from one person to the next. Truthco Learning is all about getting real about things and enjoying it. We are also all about using your uniqueness to stay relevant. We want to take that one thing about you, that thing that you think is “weird” or unrelated, that thing that makes you feel different and even edgy sometimes, and make that your uniqueness.

We do this by walking your though guided tasks, telling truths about practical thinking strategies and putting you back in the drivers seat, where you belong. This course is not about how much an instructor can teach you but about how much of what you already have that can be used. The point of this course, is to hero you, not the other way around. This course is for everyone, anyone who feels a bit lost, dissatisfied with how things are going at the moment or in need of a bit of a push and inspiration to get your dreams realised or reignited. But if you must know, the people who need this course the most are the young generation, our future leaders and world changers. So if you are a parent, I urge you to invest and give your child a chance to get a solid foundation to help them create the connections between what they have learnt in school and how they can go about applying them in the real world. If you are a university student or know someone who is, I strongly suggest putting in the extra effort and investing in a course that will help you navigate your next step and the pathways you have been exposed to so far. If you are a young adult who is on your second, third, even sixth job, I recommend you take this course so that you can pick up some practical ideas and strategies to make yourself more profitable with the time you are putting in to one focus area. If you are a more experienced person, this course is a great way for you to go about setting yourself up for the future with new innovations and trends that are helping people create more successful lives. I invite you to be a part of a community that is all about creating consciousness - we say this because leading conscious lives is the only thing we have that sets us a part, sets us up for greater things. 

We have tried our best to make the course as financially accessible as possible so that more people have a chance to do the course while our narrative and curriculum focuses on the one, the individual. We want to meet you where you are and come into your world at that moment, whatever it looks like. We are the scaffolding to where you are now. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Please visit our website truthco.co.za for more information and our full course overview where you can buy and begin immediately. 

Contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
Facebook: Truthco
 Please watch our Youtube video on Uniqueness https://youtu.be/Y9k3L-OUWHU

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