08 May 2020

Life Sciences Grade 12 Revision Course and Quizes for Learners available online

Submitted by PR South Africa

This revision course supports Grade 12 learners throughout their school year and with preparation for Life Sciences final examination

This course contain revision countless quizzes, tests, and exams based on the CAPS Life Sciences Curriculum for grade 12

Paper 1 Life Sciences Grade 12

Term 1

  • Nucleic Acids (DNA & RNA)
  • DNA & RNA knowledge Quiz
  • MeiosisMeiosis Knowledge quiz
  • Reproduction in Vertebrates
  • Quiz Lesson
  • Human Reproduction
  • Human Reproduction knowledge Quiz

Term 2

  • Responding to the Environment (Humans)

Term 3

  • Human Endocrine System
  • Homeostasis in Humans
  • Responding to the Environment (Plants)

Term 4

  • Human Impact (Grade 11)

Paper 2 Life Sciences Grade 12


Application link is available here: https://modernclassroom.co.za/courses/life-sciences-grade-12/ 

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