11 November 2020

Latest Teacha! Magazine set to inspire and empower teachers

Submitted by Jean Vermeulen
Latest Teacha! Magazine set to inspire and empower teachers

Since its launch in 2018, Teacha! Magazine has inspired and informed thousands of teachers in South Africa and around the world. As we embark on the final school term of 2020, after what has been a largely turbulent time for both educators and students, what is clearer than ever is that teachers are resourceful; teachers have strong voices that they use to support both each other and their learners; and teachers are invested in the future of our youth. It is against this backdrop that teacher hub Teacha! launches the 10th edition of its magazine.

Recently, in a Teachers’ Day speech, given at the 30th anniversary of SADTU, President Ramaphosa spoke earnestly about the importance of teachers. Acknowledging the difficult circumstances faced in 2020, he called teachers ‘true nation-builders’. While teachers’ hard work is usually unseen, 2020 has really shone a light on the significant role that educators play. This year came with new obstacles, and teachers really did rise to the challenge. From embracing remote/blended learning, to working countless hours on restructuring the curriculum, teachers have put their all into ensuring that their learners end the year successfully.

During the countrywide lockdown earlier in 2020, teachers came together to provide advice and insight into teaching remotely in Teacha! Magazine’s ‘Remote Learning’ edition. In the third term, teacher contributors poured interesting and relevant information into the ‘Safe Schools’ edition, exploring what it means to teach during a pandemic and amidst the Black Lives Matter movement. How do we create safe spaces (physically and emotionally) for students, and facilitate inclusion in schools?

In the fourth-term issue, teachers share their best practices around teaching strategies. This ‘Bringing Purpose Back to the Classroom’ edition reflects on the effects that Covid-19 has had on education; includes tips on creating a calm classroom environment (which teachers and learners so desperately need right now); takes a fresh look at the 4Cs (there’s a fifth one too: Courage!); explores what it means to have empathy for students and how to implement philosophy for children in the classroom. As always, it provides encouragement, acknowledgement, and inspiration for educators.

About Teacha! Magazine

Recently acquired by global edtech company Snapplify, Teacha! Magazine serves as a platform for professionals in the schools industry to share best practices and practical advice with each other.

The online magazine for teachers is published at the beginning of every term and sent to more than 15 000 subscribers, who include educators and school administrators. Over 8000 Snapplify schools also have free access to the magazine (including back issues). The publication serves as a valuable reference for teachers who might need inspirational ideas or trusted advice on education-related topics.


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