03 February 2022

Congratulations to the class of 2021

Submitted by Archy Hlahla
Congratulations to the class of 2021

We can all agree that the past two years have been more challenging for the country as a whole and most specifically for our learners.

As mentioned by the minister, learners had to deal with a different timetable, a stop-start approach to in-class attendances, and additional after-school interventions to keep learners safe during the pandemic. Together, these issues contributed to a ‘hostile’ learning environment.

While the class of 2020 also dealt with such difficulties, which affected the overall outcome, this year’s students have had to deal with these circumstances for two years, requiring more support. In spite of this, millions showed resilience and pushed on, making it to the end of the year and writing their exams.

The class of 2021 increased the overall matric results by 0.2 percentage points compared to the 2020 matric results. Approximately 256,031 learners received a Bachelor’s degree pass, and with it, possible entry to one of the country’s universities.

Umalusi, the Quality Council in General and Further Education and Training, was also very instrumental to the success of the overall matric year. It worked closely with the Department of Basic Education to ensure that the school year runs as smoothly as possible and during the irregularities, the perpetrators were brought to book.

The 2021 national examinations underwent quality assurance in terms of conduct, administration, and management.

The quality of question papers is an essential aspect of the integrity and credibility of the examination. Umalusi noted that there was a marked improvement in the overall quality of question papers submitted by assessment bodies as more papers were approved after the first or second submission to external moderators.

Lebone litho is instrumental to the process as it currently runs and prints for exam facilities in the Free State and Gauteng provincial education departments as well as the North-West University. The company also runs a Learner-Teacher support center for printing textbooks.  

It also prints 65 million workbooks for the Department of Basic Education and delivers these to 24 000 schools, twice a year. The contract is delivered through a consortium led by Lebone and comprising Norvis and DSV, one of the world’s largest logistics companies.

Lebone would like to congratulate the department on another successful learning year and wishes them all the best for the year 2022.

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