01 July 2019

CAD4ALL Launches 4M IDEA BIM Architecture in Southern Africa

Submitted by James Barkley

 All CAD4ALL CAD Design products and accredited Training contributes to your B-BBEE Scorecard  IDEA is the low-cost alternative to Revit® or ArchiCAD® yet easier and faster to use and significantly more affordable to purchase and maintain.4M Idea is a revolutionary CAD software that is 100% DWG & 100% IFC Compatible.

IDEA Architecture is the powerful BIM software for 3D & 2D Architectural design, Rendering and Animation, as well as for 4D Scheduling and 5D Costing.

The need for 4m IDEA Architecture was born out of the experience of CAD4ALL spending countless hours searching for a cost effective and efficient CAD software equivalent to its counterparts, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD. 4m IDEA Architecture allows its users to function efficiently at a fraction of the cost, with many users generated and converted the world over The new version of IDEA includes several additional enhancements for drawing, documentation, and site modelling in the form of more options, dialog enhancements, and new commands.

Overall, the re-engineered new generation goes a long way towards strengthening its BIM capabilities while retaining its key strengths of AutoCAD compatibility and low cost. IDEA’s interface is not as sophisticated as the more expensive BIM applications by vendors such as Autodesk, Bentley, and GRAPHISOFT, but it is an excellent lower-cost alternative which makes it very popular in several countries around the world that are just starting to transition from CAD to BIM.

Cad4all is an accredited training institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as well as across the various SETA based in Cape Town. Accredited CAD and BIM Training will be offered nationwide by CAD4ALL either online or via our nationwide hubsCAD4ALL are leaders in CAD training and an international Autodesk CERTIPORT centre.

We offer various CAD Training industry related and relevant to the clients’ needs including AutoCAD and Revit. You will find an ever-growing client list featuring the product, IDEA 2019 where we can offer the BIM fraternity of South Africa an affordable, flexible and world class BIM Software at a fraction of the cost especially in this overall bad economy.If you feel that you are overspending, have a look at our product launch offer and trial our software for free.

Conducting business with CAD4ALL also opens companies up to a host of extra benefits like tax rewards for staff training as well as improving on B-BBEE scorecard points.On my part, “I find it amazing that a small company like 4M headquartered in Greece, which lacks the marketing muscle and developmental resources of larger companies, can develop such a useful product from an open-source platform that is helpful to millions of AEC professionals around the world.

Most of whom cannot afford the more expensive applications that are prevalent in wealthy countries.” 4M may not earn high marks for innovation, but it is way up there when it comes to making a global impact through perseverance and hard work. CAD software does not only have to cater for the niche. Download a free trial version of IDEA from our website www.cad4all.co.za to get you started and read the full version of the AEC Bytes review of IDEA Architecture 2019 http://www.aecbytes.com/review/2019/IDEA19.html

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