22 January 2021

Building a Farming Career in South Africa

Submitted by PR South Africa
Building a Farming Career in South Africa

How to become Farmer in South Africa in 2021, and what are minimum requirements: Do you what to know what it takes to become the best and skilled Farmer in South Africa? Or you might be saying “i want to be a farmer, where do i start?” or,  “how to start farming with no money in South Africa“?

Which farming is most profitable in South Africa

  • Fast-growing produce
  • Baby Carrots farming
  • Lettuce farming
  • Squash farming
  • Cucumber Farming

Chicken Farming

  • Produce Eggs
  • Produce Chicken Meat
  • Produce Fertilisers

Small Scale Farming Ideas in South Africa 

If you are looking for Small Scale Farming Ideas in South Africa, start a Microgreens Farming.  Microgreens are young vegetables or baby plants that are around 10-14 days old and one to 3 inches tall. They are the small edible vegetables that restaurants use as garnishing for a dish or serve in a salad. You’ll find that they’re in high demand; customers like their visual appeal and health benefits. Beginner farmers should consider this business, because microgreens are easy to grow, turnaround time is high, and it requires little investment to start. And because they can be grown in a small space, even indoors, they are considered a highly profitable investment.

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