19 July 2022

Applications now open for the 2023 class of the African Leadership Academy

Submitted by Petro Pretorius
Applications now open for the 2023 class of the African Leadership Academy

JOHANNESBURG, 20 July 2022. African Leadership Academy has commenced the applications season for the ALA Class of 2023, for our two-year diploma program.

ALA is a pan-African leadership development institution which works with several top institutions and organizations across the continent to identify, develop and connect the next generation of African leaders.

We work with school heads, educators and leaders of community organizations and youth networks to identify young people aged 15-18 who have demonstrated high leadership potential and passion for creating change in their communities. These might be school prefects, students with exceptional academic ability, top athletes, young entrepreneurs and inventors, future political and diplomatic leaders, or social activists. We admit 130 promising African leaders each year, after a rigorous selection process, who join our growing network of changemakers to study at the Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our application window runs for six months, ending January 2023. The early decision deadline is 16 September 2023.

You can apply by visiting the ALA applications page.

You can also nominate a potential candidate by visiting the ALA nominations page

Contact us:
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+2711 699 3038

About African Leadership Academy
The African Leadership Academy is a pre-university in Johannesburg, South Africa. We seek to develop Africa’s next generation of leaders who are ethical and entrepreneurial. Each year, we identify exceptional young leaders from across Africa with demonstrated leadership potential and a strong sense of purpose. Through our unique curriculum, these young leaders develop the skills, mindset, and network to contribute to our mission of enabling lasting peace and shared prosperity in Africa. We continue to accelerate these leaders throughout their lives, with connections to careers and networks of people and capital that will enable their dreams of transformational change. ALA teaches a two-year curriculum in African Studies, Writing and Rhetoric and Entrepreneurial Leadership, as well as the usual core academic courses. We have accepted students and alumni from 46 African countries since founding in September 2008 into our growing community.

See more at https://africanleadershipacademy.org and follow us on Twitter.

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