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pCloud - Access your Files Everywhere (review)

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pCloud - Access your Files Everywhere (review)

Ever since the concept of storing data on an online drive or a “cloud” drive came into being, people have been very fascinated with it. For those of you new to the whole concept, cloud storage lets you store data online. You can store a limited or endless amount of data depending on the service you’re using. Talking about the services, DropBox is probably the most popular cloud service being used. However, it has its own flaws. Today, we’re going to talk about a cloud storage service that is just as good or even better than DropBox. PCloud is a cloud storage service that gets you all the features in DropBox and many more.

Why choose pCloud?

One of the main reasons I personally don’t prefer DropBox is because of the weak encryption they use to keep your data safe. The encryption is so weak that anybody who has access to DropBox’s servers can access all your data. This includes the employees, a hacker who somehow gains access to the servers and anyone else. pCloud on the other hand makes sure this doesn’t happen with you. pCloud Crypto makes sure your data is safe and inaccessible from everyone but you. Not even pCloud’s administrators can access your data. To make sure of this, pCloud even invited hackers from all over the world to hack into their servers. Needless to say, they failed.


Why pCloud Access from any device: Once you store data on pCloud, you can access it from any device you or anyone else owns. Be it your laptop, your desktop your smartphone or your tablet, you can access pCloud from anywhere. Not only that, any changes you make from one device will be immediately synced so that the next time you open your pCloud account, the changes will be made.

Sync multiple folders: Another feature that makes Dropbox the second choice for people is that you need to have all the data stored in a single folder for it to be able to sync the data. This means that you will have to store all the files in the single folder. pCloud on the other hand allows you to create and backup as many folders as you want, allowing for a cleaner and more organized method of storing. pCloud also updates the folder regularly so that any changes you make offline will be synced to the online backup once you have internet connectivity.

Secure data storage: To top it off, pCloud does not take up any space on your computer unless you want it to. All the data is stored on their cloud drive which are located in ultra-safe data centers. This ensures secure uploads and downloads protecting your precious personal data from any unwanted threats. This is made possible as Swiss laws ensure that no Swiss-based company can divulge their client’s personal data to anyone, be it the Swiss government or the USA government. So your data is in the safest of hands.

Other features

Dropbox offers you 2 GB of free storage which we doubt can be used for storing any multimedia files as the take up considerable amount of storage space. That however is not the case with pCloud. You get 10 GB of free storage space which you can upgrade to a total of 20 by following some steps that will get you the additional storage space.

To err is human and pCloud has that in mind. While in most cloud storage services, files you once delete are permanently deleted. However, pCloud allows you to access files from a 30 day period. Any files that you opened or deleted can be accessed and restored if need be.

Another very interesting feature of pCloud is the availability with which it allows you to share files with your friends and vice versa. You can share folders with your friends and family and set access permissions so that they can only do what you allow them to do. Also, if you’re accessing files from a friend’s folder, the files will not take up any space from your account, a feature we found particularly helpful.

How to use pCloud drive

Using pCloud drive to store data is different than how you use other cloud storage services, yet as easy as a child’s play. How this usually works is that you have a dedicated folder on your computer. Any daa you store in this folder is synced with your drive from time to time and thus your data is stored online. This folder takes up space on your hard disk as well. This means once you run out of space on your computer’s hard disk, you won’t be able to use the cloud storage too.

pCloud however doesn’t work that way. Like we mentioned above, pCloud takes up no space on your computer if you don’t want it to. pCloud drive shows up as a separate partition on your Windows computer or as a separate device on your Mac computer. This means not only that you get a whole lot of space off your hard disk for pCloud but also that you don’t need to fit in all data in a single folder to sync with the cloud: you have a whole drive for it.

pCloud vs Dropbox

pCloud vs Dropbox Now, a small comparison between Dropbox and pCloud.

  • pCloud is more secure with the option to encrypt your data and Swiss-based servers which makes sure your data isn’t divulged to anyone.
  • 2 GB free storage space on Dropbox compared to 20 GB on pCloud.
  • Faster data transmission speed with pCloud.
  • Sync multiple folders with pCloud while Dropbox allows only one.
  • Built-in audio and video players with pCloud.
  • Upload files as large as you want with pCloud, unlike Dropbox where the maximum size of the file you can upload is limited.


pCloud Plans Talking about the price options, you have a lost to choose from. For a price of $3.99 per month, pCloud offers you encrypted data storage services. If the free 20 GB does not fulfill your needs, you can upgrade to 500 GB for a price of $3.99 per month while the $7.99 per month gets you 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage space. Windows, MacOS and Linux are the most commonly used user interfaces and pCloud is available across all three. So all in all, pCloud is definitely the best cloud storage service available on the market and if you were looking for one, your search ends here.


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