11 April 2021

Women urged to be extra security conscious and safety savvy as Winter approaches

Submitted by Jacqui

Winter is coming and with it comes the additional security issues to be considered, says Kwanele Moyo Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT. She urges residents of Johannesburg South (Soweto; Lenasia; Eldorado Park and Ennerdale) to remain vigilant and keep safe.

“Life is challenging for everyone, women included. We hope that following these tips will help keep women safe while they tackle the daily demands they face. Every morning some members of the community have to leave their homes as early as 4:30am while it is still dark to take public transport to work, leaving them vulnerable to criminal activity,” says Moyo.

She believes a very important start would be to always be aware of what is happening around you.

“Being distracted makes you a soft target. Criminals are always on the lookout for soft targets and will take advantage if you are not paying attention. Being aware of your surroundings and potential threats is the first and most effective line of defence,” says Moyo

She recommends cutting out distractions as far as possible. This includes taking or making phone calls while driving or walking.

“While driving, make sure your doors are locked and any valuable items are placed in the boot, out of sight. If you are approaching your house, be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals and rather drive around the block if you don’t feel safe. Trust your instincts.”

She said that intuition is a powerful subconscious insight into situations and encourages women to trust their instincts.

“While walking, try and buddy up with people on your street also going to catch public transport, so you are not walking alone. There is safety in numbers”.

“If a situation doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t. If confronted by a criminal, escape is always the best option,” she says.

“If you are able to, run away, yell for help – do whatever you can to attract attention. If the criminal is after your purse or other items hand them over or throw them in one direction and run in the other.”

“When possible tell someone where you are going and the time you expect to return. If you will be returning home after dark, call ahead and ask someone to open the gate for you on arrival so you don’t have to get out the car and manually open the gate.


By exercising these precautions, Moyo believes women can develop good safety habits that will assist them in avoiding dangerous situations.

“I encourage women to not only use these tips, but to share them with family and friends. Most importantly, if someone or something makes you feel uneasy, get away or get help immediately,” she concludes.

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Compiled on behalf of Fidelity ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations, for media queries contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0717648233.