02 June 2022

Take control of home security with remote access

Submitted by Jacqui

Home security is necessary in South Africa but this doesn’t mean it has to be something that hampers your lifestyle or places added stress on your day.

To reap the full benefits of good home security, it should be in sync with your lifestyle, enhancing it rather than hampering it. Innovations like remote home control enable homeowners to keep their property and family safe and experience simpler living, all at the touch of a button.

Charnel Hattingh, Head of Marketing and Communications at Fidelity ADT, explains that the security industry has come a long way since the first residential security system was invented by Edward Callahan in 1874.

His “call box” to signal for assistance to a central office, to which he then connected 50 other homes in the neighbourhood, was the birth of the American District Telegraph (ADT) company in Baltimore (or ADT as it became known worldwide and now Fidelity ADT).

“Technology may have evolved, but the basis of home security has stayed the same – a system or systems that trigger the necessary response in the event of an emergency,” Hattingh says.

“What we have today are home security solutions that offer unparalleled connectivity, control and accessibility and, more importantly, enable homeowners to remotely access a wide range of features using a PC or a smartphone.

“The trend is booming because these systems have such innovative features, such as remote arming and disarming, viewing of stored video clips, remote switching of lights, remote opening / closing of doors and monitoring of movement even when you’re not home.”

“Fidelity ADT, for example, today offers customers so much more than just alarm systems, guarding, and armed response. These are our core offerings, but the way they work is different – home security has become very smart.”

4 ways to enjoy remote home security:

Gain more control of your home through your alarm system
Arm and disarm your system when you are not home or disarm it to allow a relative or neighbour entry. Should the alarm be triggered, you will receive a real-time alert and can immediately see what is happening at your home.
Hattingh adds that Fidelity ADT has products that make use of cellular or alternatively Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which totally replaces traditional alarm radio transmitters. This improves quality and reliability for always-on connectivity.

Control your doors
You can remotely lock and unlock doors and even open and close your garage door. Garage doors left open are a common means of entry for criminals, which is why having the means to manage this remotely is much safer. You will receive a notification if anyone unlocks a door at your home. The system will always confirm the status of the door at any time.

Control electricity usage
Load-shedding and frequent unscheduled power outages have become a daily part of life today. With remote security, you can not only set lights to switch on and off at certain times for reduced power usage but also to look like someone is home and turn outside lights on when you’re not there. Air conditioning units can also be remotely set to warm the house up before you get home.

CCTV monitoring
You can also control or view CCTV footage if you have cameras installed. Indoor and outdoor WiFi-enabled infrared cameras are also available for optimal day and night viewing. Watch live footage from a mobile device or view saved recordings. Remote access allows you to schedule recordings based on motion detection or doors opening, for example, and receive a video clip when this activity occurs.
Hattingh concludes that remote security systems are fully customisable, allowing homeowners to set the rules, scenarios, and schedules to automate features to their needs and lifestyle. For example, a rule can be created that if a person is detected on the patio, the system will automatically activate the reception light.

“And, the possibilities are endless. You can keep adding components to your remote security system to suit your growing requirements or changes in the home.

“Transform the way you interact with your home using remote home security systems. All you need is a smartphone, computer, or tablet and the wireless controls take care of the rest.”

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