10 December 2021

Stolen vehicle recovered

Submitted by Jacqui

The combined efforts of Fidelity ADT, Fidelity Shopping centre tactical teams, Lyttelton SAPS with support from the Pretoria Operations and other security companies has led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle linked to multiple motor theft crimes in and around the Pretoria area, one incident as recent as 7 December in Atterbury.

Today (9 December 2021) Fidelity Shopping Centre Tactical Team was on patrol when Officers Paul Grobler and Charl Botha noticed a White Volkswagen Kombi driving around in a suspicious manner at Waterkloof corner. Officers Botha and Grobler investigated because a look out had recently been issued for a white VW Kombi implicated in theft out of motor vehicle crimes in the Pretoria East area.

Grobler says, “When the suspect noticed me he immediately left the parking area. I followed the suspect and asked SAPS to test the vehicle registration. It was then confirmed that the vehicle had false registration plates on.”

After requesting for backup on the Pretoria Ops radio, multiple members responded. A high-speed chase started in the Waterkloof area and Officers Botha and Grobler chased the vehicle into Atteridgeville. Lyttelton SAPS joined the chase just after the R55 and Maude crossing and multiple shots were fired to stop the vehicle. The suspect continued to flee, causing multiple accidents and nearly ran over pedestrians on the side of the road.

Botha says, “The vehicle was lost when we entered Atteridgeville but with help of the community and other Security companies we managed to find the vehicle abandoned at the back of a house and it was handed over to Lyttelton SAPS. Unfortunately the hunt for the missing driver continues.”

Leon Muller, District manager for Fidelity ADT, says, “I commend our officers for their vigilance and quick action. Working together with SAPS and the community sends a strong message to criminals that crime will not be tolerated,” concludes Muller.


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