09 December 2021

Siyabuya releases a hit song to inspire Mzansi beat Covid

Submitted by Archy Hlahla
Siyabuya releases a hit song to inspire Mzansi beat Covid

When the Siyabuya movement was founded in March 2021, one of our key objectives was to inspire, empower and give hope to millions of South Africans who had suffered directly or indirectly from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Siyabuya means “to come back”. We chose that name because we believed that South Africa could come back stronger from the pandemic, and we wanted to unite people and organizations who shared this belief and were actively helping others.

We also wanted a song – a Siyabuya song – that would both entertain and educate. We wanted a song that would spread enthusiasm, inspire action to provide jobs, and encourage the vaccinations that are a prerequisite for the economic growth the country so desperately needs.

Who better to turn to than a popular marimba band, sharing the same name? The Siyabuya Marimba Band entertains locals and tourists at venues such as Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, but it, too, had been affected by the lockdowns and the dearth of foreign visitors.

The agreement was soon reached. Max Nkala and his six-member marimba band worked with Melene Rossouw, campaign lead of the Siyabuya movement to get the combination of a catchy tune and lyrics that would spread the belief that recovery is possible if everybody works for it.

The result is the Siyabuya song. We hope it will both inspire and give hope to South Africans battered by the pandemic and looking to rise up, restore their livelihoods, and help the nation to come back stronger.

“As the Siyabuya Marimba Band, we are delighted to have been part of this incredible project. This song is our contribution to helping South Africa come back stronger from this pandemic. This song, we believe, will inspire the hearts and minds of South Africans to become active citizens in our country, to arise and roll up their sleeves and start doing things for themselves," says Nkala

The lyrics, in isiZulu, show determination to come back and win, through working together – stand together, don’t give up hope and all will be well. That’s the Siyabuya message.

It is available to television, radio, and music stations for no charge other than royalties, which go to the Siyabuya Marimba band.

Click here to play or download the song


About Siyabuya

Siyabuya believes South Africa can emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to build networks across the country of people who share this belief and are working to achieve it. Those who are helping others, creating jobs, and feeding the poor, are setting examples others can emulate.

Siyabuya aims to #MakeSAbetter by instilling a common sense of mission, built from the ground up, through ordinary South Africans engaged in active citizenry to improve their fortunes and the lives of those around them.

For more information, visit our website at www.siyabuya.org.za