16 October 2019

Sinister group impersonates well-known Aida Persian Clairvoyant

Submitted by Kelly
Sinister group impersonates well-known Aida Persian Clairvoyant

It has recently come to light that a syndicate operating out of Cape Town are impersonating well-know and trusted psychic, Aida Persian Clairvoyant who has been regularly appearing as an esoteric expert, psychic, medium in South African media over the past 15 years.

Aida Coertse known as Aida Persian Clairvoyant, who is originally from Iran, has been contacted by various clients and potential clients over the past weeks who have had the unfortunate luck of dealing with this syndicate. “When I was first alerted to the other websites and phone numbers, I simply thought it was someone trying to make money off of my name, that I have spent many years establishing,” says Aida. “However, what we have subsequently learnt since then has caused even the hairs on my neck to stand up, these people are simply and purely evil!”

A lady, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of repercussions from the syndicate, has since dealing with them had her beloved family pet poisoned to death and their lives threatened with harm from evil spirits if they do not sell their evil home and then put the monies from the sale into an specific accounts for the syndicate to “cleanse” to ensure the evil spirits no longer attack them! Throughout dealing with these people they have asked them for tens of thousands of rands in order to help them and when the lady has said they do not have the monies, they have been told to sell their belongings such as furniture or even car to gather the amount, that’s if they want to be protected from the evil.

Another client of Aida’s, who had not seen Aida in a few years, contacted the syndicate thinking it was Aida. The African sounding lady that she spoke with, claiming to be Aida, wanted this lady to please meet her in a deserted area in order to do the reading and work she required. Having worked with Aida many years ago, the lady was immediately suspicious and contacted Aida via her Facebook page.

Another client contacted this person and clearly asked if this lady is Aida from Iran and if she is Aida Persian clairvoyant and this person insists yes she is the same Aida, after another search she managed to get hold of the real Aida and shared her story.

This matter has been reported to the local police station who advised that the syndicate sounded very much like a criminal organisation with many other possible criminal activities such as black witchcraft, theft, money laundering, drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, the matter has been handed to the fraud unit to be further investigated.

“It’s my responsibility to warn the general public, clients and potential clients about such fraudulent activities” Says Aida Persian Clairvoyant. “When people contact me to help them, many of them are desperate and have tried everything they can to sort out their challenging situation. To think that someone could take advantage of vulnerable people in this situation makes me ill.”

“I would like my clients to know that I will never ask them to meet in peculiar deserted places in order to do a reading, I will also never send a group of people or even one person to their house in order to do work for me. I will never ask personal questions such as who lives in their homes, how many people lives there, when do they go in and out of the house, how much do they earn, if they own a property, and if so what is the value of the property, and how much do they still owe to the bank,” explains Aida.

“I am the Aida Persian Clairvoyant, I have acquired many qualifications through years of research and study in paranormal and spiritual field, I have my Master’s degree in metaphysics, Advanced Healing qualifications from the Healing Association of Southern Africa and have acquired Masters Level in Vusui, the Tibetan art of healing Reiki. I am a fully qualified and gifted alternative practitioner, and as a light worker I will never do such things or ask for huge amounts of money to work, my rates are clearly indicated on my website, I am the only person in this operation. I use my gifts to help not only humans, but also animals and nature, and never to harm!” says Aida.
“My advice to public is to be very cautious when they make a booking for a reading with me. Use appropriates channels to find me. Also please make sure you ask for a video call so you can see me and identify me, there are plenty of my photos on the net, my google account my Facebook as well as my Instagram” says Aida.
If you have been affected by this syndicate, please report the matter to your local police station and open a case.
To contact Aida please visit:
Website - https://www.aidapersianclairvoyant.com/
Facebook - @AidaPersianClairvoyant
Instagram - @Aida_persianclairvoyant