12 November 2020

Kempton Park residents see increase in crime as a result of cable theft and unplanned outages

Submitted by Jacqui

Secretary for Edleen, Van Ribeeck and Norkem Park CPF sector 1, Desiree Greyling and Fidelity ADT are warning all residents in the Kempton Park area about an increase in business and residential theft which is being exacerbated by the increase in cable theft and unplanned outages.

Greyling says they are seeing a lot of business robberies during the day, with suspects making off with laptops, jewellery, cell phone and cash. “We‘ve also noticed that they are targeting supermarkets owned by non South Africans. The criminals know that they are less likely to report the crimes because they are scared of xenophobia attacks. They steal cash and cigarettes.”

Renee Coltham, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT says opportunistic crime has definitely increased as lockdown has lifted.

In the residential space particularly, the unplanned outages as a result of older substations servicing the area, have not helped residents. Both Greyling and Coltham report an increase in the number of generators being stolen. “Suspects scope the properties during the day and then they come back later. Because of these outages lots of beams, batteries and alarms are being damaged as a result of the power spikes,” says Greyling.

Coltham says the best advice for homeowners is to invest in a back-up battery for their alarm system and do regular checks with their security company to see if their system is working optimally. “It is also important to make sure that remotes and panic buttons are also working properly. These can all be tested off peak and are an important defence against intruders,” she says. Coltham says knowing how the panic works is key. “For some panics it is required that the button is held down for a little longer in order for the signal to be received. It is important that all family members are au fait with the system, including all domestic workers.”

Other important tips to keep in mind:

  • If your house keys are stolen you need to advise your security company immediately
  • Ensure your home is numbered clearly. This will make it much easier for both the SAPS and private security to identify your house
  • Avoid smash and grabs by keeping all valuables in your boot. Never leave them on your front passenger seat
  • Remember it is not only men that commit crimes. We have seen a growing number of ladies committing crimes, stealing cars and robbing pedestrians

Greyling says the modus operandi for this, is if they see someone walking who they believe would be a soft target, they drive past them with an accomplice and get dropped off ahead of the target where they wait for them. When the walker/jogger arrives they rob them of their cellphone and any cash, and then run to the getaway car which is usually waiting a few metres away.

“In a recent incident in Birchleigh they robbed a domestic worker and then took her to an ATM and made her draw all the cash she had,” concludes Greyling.

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Compiled on behalf of Fidelity ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations, for media queries contact Jacqui @findleypr.co.za or on 071 764 8233