10 December 2021

Increase in business break-ins in Strijdom Park

Submitted by Jacqui

Fidelity ADT noted a marked increase in business break-ins in the Strijdom Park area. This week alone there were four reported incidents.

Monde Ngema, Community Operations Manager for Fidelity ADT says, “All of the incidents took place between Thursday and Sunday in the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm”.

He offers the following advice for business owners:

 Identify Threats and Involve Your Employees – Be aware of the types of crime being committed in your area, as well as any weak points which might exist in your factory or building or shop. This will help to ensure you make more informed security-related decisions. Employers may well consider commissioning a full risk assessment from a professional security company. Promote employee involvement by asking them for input in terms of potential risks and possible solutions. Employees are more likely to take a proactive approach to crime prevention if they feel that they have been involved.

 Provide Emergency Training for Employees – Emergency training helps to ensure that employees are properly equipped to deal with any emergencies, helping to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

 Install an Alarm – A functional and well-maintained alarm system is an important way to deter and detect entry to your property and a connection to an armed response unit can provide essential help in the event of an emergency. CCTV can be used to help keep track of stock as well as provide evidence in the event of a theft.

 Ensure Adequate Access Control – Ensure the perimeter of your property is secured with a high fence or boundary wall as well as electric fencing if necessary. Consider installing motion sensors in the ceilings and on windows. Internal doors should be fitted with code/card access doors to limit entry into the building. If you have a business which fronts onto a main road, consider a guard to restrict access and if anyone or thing appears suspicious, alert your security company.

 Consider an onsite security officer – Often just the presence of a security officer acts as a deterrent to would be criminals.

 Lighting – Adequate lighting for both the inside and the outside of your business is essential.

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