15 February 2021

Fidelity ADT Reaction Officers come to the rescue

Submitted by Jacqui

On 21 January Fidelity ADT Reaction Officers Mxolisi Mkhatshwa and Themba Sambo responded to call requesting that they respond to the client who had fallen 5m to the ground, off a tree while trying to prune branches. The two officers responded and found the customer semi-conscious.

Here is a letter that the customer, wrote recounting what happened:

‘I write to you all to recognise the excellent service provided by Mxolisi Mkhatshwa and Themba Sambo.

Conveniently forgetting my age, and physical restrictions of acute arthritis, I decided on the evening of Thursday, 21 January 2021 to prune the branches of a tall tree. To exacerbate my adventure I found the ladder to be to short so I climbed further up into the tree. Needless to say I lost my grip on a branch, tried to locate the ladder which I had also placed on uneven ground and thereafter ungracefully fell 5m on to the ground.

Being alone and unable to move, after regaining consciousness I tried for two hours to call a neighbour. I can honestly say that I imagined I was paralysed.

My neighbour arrived at the locked gate and all I recall is calling "Phone Fidelity ADT, phone Fidelity ADT", knowing I'd be in good hands.

Although being semi-conscious I recall the response team arriving. It wasn't easy to find me as I was lying in an area of tall lilies! With a torch, I recall seeing and hearing Mxolisi Mkhatshwa.

He spoke gently, enquiring how I had landed, where I was and reassured me that an ambulance was on route.

He continued speaking to me with kindness and concern. My husband arrived and Mr Mkhatshwa joined him and brought him to me. Still, my angel in the form of this first response officer remained nearby until after the ambulance had arrived.

This gentleman was enormously compassionate and showed genuine care for me. He constantly informed me of the situation, and I felt at last, that there was someone with me and I was not suffering alone in the dark.

I was flat on my back and unable to move my head. All I could hear were faceless voices but his presence encouraged and calmed me.

I wish to thank this team for their speedy response and incredible support. Their quick action in assessing the situation and contacting the paramedics was a God Send.

I have been discharged, thankfully with nothing broken but still in pain after the impact.

Thank you Mxolisi Mkhatshwa and Themba Sambo.

I will always remember you.

May God Bless and keep you.
Fond regards
Joe de Bruyn, Fidelity ADT Branch Manager Nelspruit, says Officer Mxolisi Mkhatshwa and Themba Sambo have been congratulated for their efforts. “We instil a sense of caring and going beyond the call of duty in our officers and are very proud when they step up to assist our customers.”

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