24 June 2022

Business Robbery on the Increase – Nelspruit

Submitted by Jacqui

Fidelity ADT has issued a warning to all business owners to be on high alert, particularly those carrying cash and fast-moving goods like electronics.

We have seen an increase in the number of business robberies in Rustenburg and surrounding areas. This week alone there were three reported incidents, all of which happened during the day.

Joe de Bruyn, Branch Manager for Fidelity ADT says, “We are seeing an increase in business robberies, particularly at smaller retail businesses who tend to carry cash or fast moving goods that are easy to resell like electronics. The latest modus operandi is criminals enter pretending to be patrons and then accost employees before making off with goods. It does not appear that they are stealing from customers. They are targeting cash and goods taking what they want from the premises” 

Business owners need to be particularly aware of this and be especially vigilant. 

He provides the following tips and precautions:

- Guards and staff must not open the gate for anyone, even if they say they are delivering goods.

- Make sure your perimeter security is in working order, ask your security company to come and check you electric fence and alarms.

- Controlled entrances are important in preventing over-crowding in your premises, make sure you have measures in place to restrict movement at entrances and exits to your business, for both staff and customers.

- Implementing solutions that assist you in doing this could dramatically reduce shrinkage in your business.

- Be alert during opening and closing times. Always work in pairs to prevent being surprised or being overpowered by criminals. Train your staff to ask for identification before allowing entry to the premises.

- Make sure all outside entrances and inside security doors have deadbolt locks. If you use padlocks, they should be made of steel and kept locked at all times. Remember to remove serial numbers from your locks, to prevent unauthorised keys from being duplicated.

- Windows should have secure locks and burglar-resistant glass. Consider installing metal grates on all your windows except display windows.

- Light the inside and outside of your business, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering. 

- Always use the services of a reputable company when selecting security guards. Always rotate security guards and insist that they are vetted on a regular basis 

- Keep your cash register in plain view from the outside of your business, so it can be monitored by police during the day or at night. Leave it open and empty after closing. 

- Be sure your safe is fireproof and securely anchored. Remember to change your security password when an employee who has had access to it leaves your business.

- Always invest in an alarm, CCTV, and an electronic article surveillance system that meets your level of security needs. Learn how to use your system properly and check the system daily. It is advisable to run a test when closing.

- Most importantly is the updating of your keyholders before closing your business for any holiday season. Make sure that all the relevant information is updated should we need to contact you or the person in charge. 

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Compiled on behalf of Fidelity ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations, for media queries contact Jacqui Moloi on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.