08 September 2021

Book Release: Black Man! Are You Stupid?

Submitted by Faith Nozizwe Mathole

Johannesburg, 08 September 2021.

Today, on International World Literacy Day 2021, Author and Entrepreneur Sakhile Sibiya is releasing his first book, Black Man! Are You Stupid? The book promises to be a brutal and rude awakening to the black community.Black Man! Are You Stupid? is a social commentary that seeks to create restlessness as well as break the yoke of mental oppression that seem to be a comfortable nest for many Black South Africans.

Through reflections and observations, the author interrogates the attitudes and habits of Black people and provides an analytical view of the almost non-existent black economy.When asked why he wrote this book, Sibiya said:“My intention is to ignite the long-overdue robust debates and discussions amongst Black people at all levels. This book is a wake-up call to Black people in my nation and around the world. I seek to challenge mindsets and behaviours; and ultimately, change the narrative of the black race”.

Here are some of the many uncomfortable questions this book seeks to confront:

Why is it that Black people struggle with self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation?

Why do Black people struggle to embrace and celebrate their cultures, languages and heritage?

Why do Black people tend to idolise Whites and almost everything associated with them?

Why do Black people exert themselves towards improving whatever is white while abandoning whatever is black and allowing anything that has to do with being black to deteriorate?

Why have Black people adopted the White man’s perspective as the standard to determine good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, beautiful or ugly, right or wrong, excellent or average, fashionable or otherwise?

  • Why do Black people serve all other races while none of those races serve them?Why is it that Africa is the wealthiest continent on earth in which Africans remain the poorest?Why do Black people aspire towards whiteness and detest blackness?
  • Why do Black people view the English language as a measure of intelligence and sophistication, while other Whites, for example, the Germans and Italians, care nothing for it?
  • Why do Black people in South Africa enjoy the blessing of being the majority but look up to White people to feed, clothe and employ them?
  • Why do Black people allow White people to remain the dominant race in the mainstream economy?
  • And most importantly, what can the Black nation do about this sad status quo?

One of the most interesting chapters, “Is Kak Maar Is Oraait”, relates how black people have accepted intolerable atrocities to and in the black nation, to the extent that they perpetrate them with their own money.No doubt this is a thought-provoking, lip-biting book which does not beg for acceptance or approval.  The author is steadfast about the message of this book. He intends to offend and agitate but also lead action and stir change. Black Man! Are You Stupid? is available for purchase at www.sakhilesibiya.com .


Black Self-Love Advocate Sakhile Sibiya is a Pastor, community builder, entrepreneur, thought leader and diversity consultant whose driving passion is to change the black man’s perspective of self, his fellow black men, and the rest of the human race.  

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