10 October 2014

Asking For It? | an exhibition by Maria Patrizi at StateoftheART

Submitted by Jennifer
Asking For It? | an exhibition by Maria Patrizi at StateoftheART

StateoftheART is proud to present 'Asking For It?' an exhibition of paintings by Maria Patrizi on the Exhibition Wall.

This series of work is the artist's response to the excuse often given that clothes are responsible for rape. Women displaying their femininity and/or sensuality, are considered to be handing out open invitations to being verbally or sexually abused.

"By moulding clothing into evocative and anonymous female forms, the artist has given the clothes a voice, "we are just clothes, so what exactly are we asking for?"" - Maria Patrizi

Patrizi's work has often been compared to photographic negatives. "At first the comparison surprised me but after some thought, I couldn't believe I hadn't made the connection myself" she says.

The starting point for all her paintings are photographs that she have taken and then manipulated. De-cluttering and reducing the images so that she can focus solely on the shapes she finds relevant.

Opens 6th November @6pm

06.11.2014 till 15.11.2014


61 Shortmarket Street, (between Loop & Bree)

Cape Town.

Gallery hours:

10am-5pm weekdays,

10am-2pm Saturdays.


The exhibition will be available to preview online through the StateoftheART website from the 4th of November. 

For more information please contact Jennifer on 0724709272 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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