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Be part of the HRM Development Strategy

Written by Organisatie & Adviesbureau (OAVM)
Image{pp}South Africa has experienced a transformation during the last 12-years to rebuild a nation and improve the ability to compete within business. A problem, which slows down the economic growth, is the lack of skills of employees. The government is committed to deal with this and gave development priority. The South African Government launched a broad Human Resource Development Strategy for 2005-2010, the Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition (JIPSA).

JIPSA is part of the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa where the SA government identified six issues, which obstruct economic growth. JIPSA focuses on one of these issues, the lack of skills. Strategies to deal with this problem contain special training programmes, bringing South Africans who live abroad back, making use of retired workers and import immigrants where needed.

Why this trip?
South Africa welcomes global HRM experts from the rest of the world to visit South Africa and think about the role they can play developing the economic growth of South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa. Especially helping in managing big infra structural projects like the world cup soccer 2010. External HR professionals and personnel experts will be able to contribute in finding answers using their practical knowledge and experience. These skills will be used to implement skills exchange programmes and learning projects to all South Africans. Special interest we have in retired experts and students with a HR or business degree or almost graduates who are willing to participate in projects in South Africa.

Goal of the mission
The goal of the mission is for development purposes of the participants and to give potential investors in knowledge and finances an insight in the complex but very interesting Human Resource Management culture. Participants can also present themselves and their companies to the African Leadership Group regarding participation in various interesting and sustainable projects of this organisation. The ALG will participate during this mission. On the Human Resource Development Africa convention (HRDA) you can network with HR specialist from all over Africa.

Contact Details:
Marc Habets, Managing Director OAVM Organisation and Consultancy
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Mobile 06-20525660

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