22 August 2020

Truck Hire for all Your Transport Needs in Johannesburg

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Truck Hire for all Your Transport Needs in Johannesburg

Red Transport (Pty) Ltd was established in 2017 with the clear mission of providing reliable truck hire in Johannesburg at the most affordable prices to their clients.  According to Francois Briers, founder or Red Transport, the vision of the company is to become the first company someone phones whenever they want to hire a moving truck to transport goods of various sizes, shapes, and in different quantities.

Residents and/or businesses in Johannesburg who need to:  hire a truck & driver to transport any items that are too big for transporting in a vehicle (Fridge, bed, couch, etc); do business deliveries;  move flat, town house or house; move office, shop or business increasingly turn to Red Transport.

When asked to what they describe their success, Mr Briers answered: ‘Our clients come to us because of a range of reasons – we make use of the latest technology and methods available to ensure faster and more flexible deliveries than ever. The Red Transport mobile app makes any logistic manager’s job a breeze by being able to request truck hire anytime, any place in Johannesburg in a few seconds! We can provide trucks for any load – from a 1ton bakkie for small loads up to a 34 ton truck for large deliveries. Our 24/7 nationwide operations ensure more flexibility for our clients. All our drivers are equipped with smart phones and help to make the logistics process simpler and much easier with the latest apps. We take the safety of loads in transit very seriously and all our trucks are equipped with live satellite tracking systems. Our (Goods-in-transit) insurance gives our clients peace of mind. We cut the ‘red tape’ by having any documents and delivery notes signed, scanned, and emailed on the spot. Our business clients in Johannesburg can qualify for special pricing as well as 30 day accounts. We also offer discounts – depending on the volumes you can get a 10%, 15% or 20% discount’

When asked how the rates for truck hire work, Mr Briers answered: ‘Clients are charged on rate per hour or rate per km (whichever is the highest. Time and distance start from arrival at pick up point until off-loaded at drop-off point. For trips that are further than 100km, Red Transport can be called for special pricing’Mr Briers concluded by saying that the company pride themselves by being the most trusted, reliable, and efficient truck hire company in Johannesburg.

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