12 November 2020

Perkins Generators by PenPower: The Leaders in Backup Power

Submitted by Bruce Lockhart
Perkins Generators by PenPower: The Leaders in Backup Power

With Power outages posing a very real threat to businesses and their operations, Penpower is proud to offer a selection of the top brands of diesel generators to power your business, including the world-renowned Perkins diesel generator range.

Businesses cannot afford to lose time and money, or worse, valuable machinery or inventory, during load-shedding or blackouts. But with the support of backup diesel generators, you can keep the power on when load shedding kicks in, offering a reliable source of electricity. As one of South Africa’s top diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers, we welcome the responsibility of offering only the most reliable generators to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Penpower is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Perkins powered diesel generators in South Africa; with decades of designing and building generators, Perkins is renowned for its quality, high durability, and strength, all offered at a reasonable price. This in no way compromises on performance, making them one of the most accessible and reliable diesel generator brands worldwide. They are a leader in the diesel engine and diesel generator industry, always innovating and broadening their already significant range of Perkins generator sets.

To keep these high-performance machines ready and working for when you need them most, we also offer an extensive range of Perkins generator parts for your peace of mind. No matter the occasion, we have the part for you, and should all else fail, we won’t rest till that part is ordered for you. Our maintenance team is also highly experienced with a range of generators and engines and can repair and upgrade Perkins diesel generators in our fully equipped workshop. We can breathe new life into your generators, restoring it to its former glory or upgrading it to better than new condition.

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