27 March 2012

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. Announces Agreement with South African firm, Corrosion and Scale Control.

Submitted by Evans Cooling Systems SA

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. building on their global brand of waterless engine coolants, is pleased to announce an alliance with Corrosion and Scale Control (CSC) in Cape Town, South Africa. With this newly formed alliance, CSC has formed Evans Cooling Systems (Pty) Ltd (Evans SA) to market the Evans range of waterless engine coolants throughout the Southern African region.

Evans initially developed and patented waterless engine coolants to solve overheating problems in high performance applications.  Their recent expansion into the heavy duty diesel industry, and stationary engines has provided fuel saving strategies and increased performance capabilities. Evans coolants also reduce maintenance costs, never need replacement, and are environmentally friendly.

Corrosion and Scale Control manufactures and distributes coolants/antifreezes, corrosion inhibitors and other quality products for the automotive, trucking and heavy duty markets. Their products have been distributed throughout the Southern African region for over four decades and their flagship product, Aqua Clear PX has been on the market since the 1950’s. The Company has always focused on corrosion inhibitors for engines, and Evans’ corrosion free waterless coolant technology provided the natural and logical progression of product development for the future. 

Evans SA (www.evanscooling.co.za) will market the waterless coolants to the automotive, agricultural, mining, construction, manufacturing and trucking fleets in the sub-Saharan region.   As one of the largest mining regions in the world, there is a high demand to keep expensive equipment more productive and economical.  Evans waterless coolants have proven to reduce downtime, save fuel, and keep equipment lasting longer and Evans SA has already experienced a high demand for the technology from these sectors. 

In addition, Evans and CSC will be working to assist their customer’s efforts in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Evans Cooling Systems (Pty) Ltd, headquartered in Cape Town, is the exclusive licensed manufacturer, marketer and distributor of the patented range of Evans Waterless Coolants in the sub-Saharan African region. Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product choices for all major internal combustion engine users.  For more information on Evans Cooling Systems (Pty) Ltd and Waterless Engine Coolants please visit www.evanscooling.co.za, or call 0768816674.

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