02 February 2009

Combat rising fuel prices now

Submitted by Charl
Have a vehicle? Have a fleet? Is your fuel bill taking the pudding out of your business? We can help!

Our fuel prices jump up and down more than an Olympic gymnast. The price of diesel, petrol and paraffin go up more than down, and it has far reaching consequences for every business.

What if you could reduce your fuel bill by 10%-20%? Or more?
We have a product which is taking the country by storm and soon the rest of the world will follow. It has all the guarantees and backing you could ever want, for any vehicle, from the showroom floor or an old "skadonk"*. Great fuel savings CAN and ARE being achieved by the man on the street to big logistics companies.

It works with diesel, petrol, paraffin, bunker fuel and even Heavy Furnace Oil. The applications are far reaching, from a scooter or lawn mower, to marine vessels or big trucks. Testing is currently underway in the aviation industry too.

Some or the benefits include:

  • - Improved combustion efficiency
  • - Greatly reduced fuel consumption
  • - Cooler running engine
  • - Substantially reduced emissions (very important considering the legislation Government is putting in place which will demand carbon emissions accountability from all companies)
  • - Reduce engine wear (no more un-burnt fuel passing the rings)
  • - Reduce the formation of sludge in your engine oil
  • - Engine oil will last twice as long
  • - Increased horse power
  • - Does not nullify your engine warrantee
  • Global warming is a very hot topic all over the world. Its such a problem that a few warriors in the field cannot win the battle on their own. This is an easy way for EVERYONE to help fight the issue AND save money.

    We at Velisa Agencies are very active in fighting global warming and we intend on this almost obsessive attitude rubbing off on as many people as possible. What are we doing? Well, we supply ONLY environmentally friendly products, not to mention our tree planting project.

    * A South African term for a worn out vehicle

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