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Monday, 19 October 2015 12:32

Transit Ads™ harnesses the power of Bus Advertising

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In South Africa, busses are an integral part of the transit environment and over the past few years, consumers have witnessed massive changes in the bus system. R13.6 billion has been allocated to the development of rapid transport bus systems.With this evolution, an enormous shift has taken place within bus transport as a commuting option and it has expanded broadly across commuter income groups. For advertisers wanting to reach this audience through a variety of cost-effective out of home platforms within the transit environment, this is particularly noteworthy.

The bus industry services commuters in two ways: long distance travelling cross country and cross border and short distance which services local commuting. As such, daily commuting is segmented into two distinct parts:

    1. Regional Bussing – which services local areas, typically with longer route structures.
    2. Metropolitan Bussing – city centre based for more daily and frequent commuting purposes

The Regional Bussing services are very focused on servicing a particular geography, whilst Metropolitan Bussing has morphed and expanded into the highly effective rapid transport systems, such as ReaVaya in Johannesburg and IRT in Cape Town. Furthermore, Regional Bussing centres are growing giants of activity and serve to connect communities to work and shopping opportunities. These centres present enormous opportunities for brands wanting to tap into this market.

With the rapid segmentation of audiences, it is critical for advertisers to reach their target consumer effectively, with little wastage and high impact. Bus Branding and its various integrated offshoots reach consumers in a manner that is highly targeted. Approximately 2,8 million commuters use busses weekly and 79% of these commuters are the primary household  purchase makers with 66% the actual purchase decision-makers. 72% of Bus commuters fall into the LSM 4-7 bracket and a higher percent of younger commuters choose busses over taxis.

Transit Ads™ Bus Branding Opportunities

The national network of busses allows for varied branding, including:

- Bus Backs
- Bus Interiors
- Full Exterior wraps

Metropolitan bussing:

- Transit Ads™ has exclusive media rights for the Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT) Public Bus systems in Cape Town, providing advertisers with the opportunity to expose their brand to a highly sought after commuter audience in a city where out of home opportunities are extremely limited.

For more information about Transit Ads™ – South Africa’s largest transit media brand - contact Steve Inman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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