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Monday, 19 October 2015 07:16

New bookings at KhayaMedia Village for Rio2016

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Michelle showed Usain Bolt’s support team apartments at the KhayaMedia Village.

Rio de Janeiro’s preparations for the Olympic Games are entering the final stretch. With the influx of around half a million people in August next year the main focus is getting the city's infrastructure ready.

The lack of accommodation is one the biggest challenges besides the possible language barrier. Therefore it is paramount for international media and corporate sponsors to have the right support at this major sporting event.

Broadcasters as well as newspapers and agencies recently gathered in Rio for important briefings by the Organizing Committee as well as the city of Rio. The officials assured the world media that preparations for the games are on track. Many media companies would have hoped to get more information on the plans for ground transportation. In addition no announcement was made about the progress on the construction of the new metro line connecting Barra with the rest of Rio.

And, after witnessing in person the status of some of the media villages, several broadcasters decided to rather book apartments at the KhayaMedia Village, an area opposite the main Olympic area in Barra da Tijuca.

There is good news for sponsors, Olympic federations and media companies who haven’t booked their accommodation as yet. “We have a few top quality apartments left“, explains KhayaMedia’s country manager Mayara Sperotto. “Some are located right opposite the Olympic Park. The apartments are well furnished and will be serviced twice a week.”

For KhayaMedia, keeping clients happy and supporting them all the way is what it is all about. In a recent article posted on Folha De S Paulo’s website, Professor Robert Kanter, from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, commented on the role of partnerships at Rio2016 and highlighted their importance with regards to successfully ‘taking’ this event to the public - on a global scale.

The KhayaMedia Village is a perfect example of how the wider public can profit from the mega-event. Almost 1000 families and individuals have decided to move out of their apartments for the duration of the event. KhayaMedia manages their apartments and rents it out to professionals attending the Games. One of the clients, who have already booked their accommodation in the KhayaMedia Village, is German press agency DPA.

On a recent visit the agency was impressed with the quality of their homes-to-be. They also loved the fact that it will be a mere 10 minute walk to their working station at the Olympic Park.

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