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Keeping an eye on your most valuable assets with real-time monitoring security

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Keeping an eye on your most valuable assets with real-time monitoring security

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, but you can keep a virtual eye on your most valuable assets in real time with the range of Skygistics remote monitoring and management platforms. The Skygistics Guardian 600 and 700 devices utilise GPS and GSM technology to provide accurate location-based information for a wide range of personal, geo-fencing and industrial applications. These include guard and patrol applications, recreational vehicle use, outdoor athletes, operator tracking and mobile asset management.

The remote gSky devices, which are little bigger than a credit card in size, can be programmed to function in a variety of ways and generate a range of reports and actionable data. This data includes geo-location audits; emergency event notifications; geo-fence boundary crossings; and scheduled GPS reporting based on time, distance and changes in direction.

This data is managed from the Skygistics SkyQ (and SkyQ Mobile) application, while alerts – which can be sent to up to four designated contacts and/or medical and mechanical services – can be opened via any smart phone with Google Maps. These can be provided on on-demand, at scheduled intervals, or occur when a pre-defined parameter (such as a vehicle entering a no-go zone) has been breached. Google Maps then provides navigation from the responder’s current position to the location of the incident.  

The gSky series is equally effective in ensuring enhanced personnel and asset safety in a range of applications and industries:  

Mining and construction
Boosting communications and logistics across a worksite increases the productivity of both equipment and personnel: equipment is always locatable, and its positioning can be kept in line with where it will be most needed next, maximising productivity, while collisions can be avoided.

Skygistics increases personnel safety on site by alerting workers when they are entering a hazardous area, or come in close proximity with heavy machinery. These systems also add to traceability around a worksite. This is in line with the recent amendments to safety regulations in the mining industry that dictate that site visitors must be fitted with a mobile tracking device in case of an accident. All gSky systems exceed these regulatory requirements and facilitate intelligent, accurate and rapid injury response.  

Skygistics also provides mine operators with complete awareness of the whereabouts of their fleet of heavy equipment to within a two and a half-metre accuracy of their actual location. Additional valuable worksite assets, such as pumps, generators, compressors and light vehicles, can also be tracked. In addition to monitoring the location of individual equipment, gSky systems provide information on the way the equipment is used, isolating and minimising misuse and abuse of each machine.

Guard and perimeter security
gSky systems are suitable for verifying and tracking the performance of patrol units by monitoring the user’s movements within a geo-fenced area. It also alerts operators when deviant or unspecified movements are executed, and when a dangerous or off-limit zone is entered.  

gSky systems also give a detailed audit trail of the guard’s logged instructions and movements, adding control to mobile workforce management applications. This information is available to management through a trip replay or trip report via the SkyQ control panel.  

Fleet / marine tracking and management Fleet management is about more than just knowing the whereabouts of each vehicle or vessel. gSky remote tracking allows operators to track driver behaviour; verify that vehicles are operating within specified performance limits; and that they are under total control of authorised personnel. It reduces cargo loss, minimises demurrage costs, enables fast recovery of stolen or misplaced equipment, and reduces insurance costs.  

A robust all-terrain tracking solution Most gSky systems are housed within an IP65-rated enclosure for complete protection against dust ingress and low pressure water and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20° to 55° C.  

The units have a long internal battery life with low power consumption. Standby times without reporting are rated at 400 hours. With five- and 10-minute reporting intervals, the lithium polymer battery delivers 140 and 180 hours of operation, respectively. An optional 17.6 Ah external battery or in-vehicle installation is also available.

The auto-answer feature allows responders to open a line and monitor the status of the device bearer without the person needing to pick up the call.  

Skygistics is the South African leader in tracking and monitoring technology. With the gSky range of remote tracking technology platforms, operators can keep a constant eye on the status and safety of their most valuable assets.

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