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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 16:21

RAM’s handy Spare-Wheel-Ready saves time and hassle

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October 2011 RAM’s handy Spare-Wheel-Ready saves time and hassle Renowned for its innovation and technological advancements, RAM, the automotive division of Veyance Technologies Africa, has developed Spare-Wheel-Ready. This handy attachment makes checking the pressure of a spare wheel as effortless as possible.

“Research has shown that because the spare wheel in most vehicles is not easily accessible, checking the pressure is something that is often forgotten or neglected. This could leave a motorist stranded by the roadside; posing both personal and traffic safety hazards. In addition, a flat spare is time-consuming and a huge inconvenience,” says Paul van Zyl, Marketing Manager, Veyance Technologies Africa. RAM developed the Spare-Wheel-Ready, a universal-fit rubber extension that is connected to the valve on the spare wheel to facilitate effortless tyre pressure checks.

Spare-Wheel-Ready is easy to install, and offers various installation options, depending on the location of the spare wheel on a vehicle and a customer’s preference.

“Because of its universal fit, Spare-Wheel-Ready suits all makes of passenger vehicles, bakkies, light delivery vehicles, as well as SUVs, and ensures that the spare wheel is always ready when it is needed,” concludes Van Zyl.

Spare-Wheel-Ready is available at most major automotive outlets. For more information on this and other products, please visit www.ramauto.co.za


Paul van Zyl Marketing Manager
Veyance Technologies Africa (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 (0) 11 248 9337
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