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Industry leaders bring customisation to mobile ablutions

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Industry leaders bring customisation to mobile ablutions

Absolute Ablutions is an industry leader in custom-designed trailers and mobile ablutions in South Africa. The company started operating as a small enterprise in 1999, with only two employees. Today, we are known nationwide for providing quality portable toilets and various ablutions suitable for all occasions. Absolute Ablutions produces approximately 600 units per year, all of which are built specifically to the client's specifications.

Our company is situated in Stellenbosch, easily accessible from Cape Town, and we deliver our mobile ablutions all over South Africa. We have exported our products to 14 countries around the world. We specialise in portable sanitation, non-standard ablution systems, military units, and other units like kitchen containers and trailers. Our product range is ultra-durable, and through our specific production system, we can monitor the manufacturing process to guarantee the high quality of each unit.

Absolute Ablutions is a registered manufacturer and seller of trailer-based units, which allows us to produce and sell all our designs. Our success can be ascribed to our in-depth knowledge of the mobile ablution industry, as well as our considerable design expertise and experienced management and administrative teams.

Client specific custom ablutions

To ensure that the designs of our various units are modern and technologically advanced, our team continuously researches trends in our industry to ensure cutting edge solutions in mobile ablutions for our customers. We have differentiated ourselves from our industry competitors by offering uniquely designed, client-specific products delivered with professional service and expert advice. This means that clients can expect the latest design developments as part of their custom-designed ablution unit. We aim to build a lasting, professional relationship with our clients, allowing them to rely on and trust our services.

Our innovative product range

The product range available at Absolute Ablutions includes:

  • Portable toilets, both Cleanflush and non-flush units.
  • Portable showers, varying in sizes from 4-10 cubicles.
  • Catering solutions such as kitchens for mobile coffee shops or catering services.
  • Caravans and campers, including militarised and agricultural units.

If you need reliable and affordable mobile ablution options in South Africa, contact the team at Absolute Ablutions. We will design a unit for your specific requirements, ensuring that the result is durable, practical and convenient to use anywhere.

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