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Goload - Online Removals, Courier and Delivery Auctions

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Goload - Online Removals, Courier and Delivery Auctions

In the world of logistics there are those who provide transport, and those who have goods to transport. Goload is the magic ingredient that brings the two together.

Goload is an online platform that connects customers with expert transporters. Think of it as an online marketplace where transporters outbid each other for your load, using our innovative reverse auction bidding system.This could save customers up to 65% on transport costs. By giving transporters a load both ways, they save on unnecessary fuel costs, and also help to reduce net emissions. Clearly, efficiency is good both for profit and for the planet.

Goload’s founder and CEO, Derek Townsend, has worked in the logistics industry since the early 90s. The experience he amassed while working for many freight and courier companies has given him a unique insights into the shortcomings of the industry. One of his first ventures was to connect independent transporters, such as owner-drivers, with companies as outsourced transport partners. While this filled a much-needed gap in the market, it was still very hard for general public to access reliable transporters without having to complete complicated credit applications and contracts. The only viable option up to now has been to scour classified ads and ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. Goload was born to make quality transport much more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Goload was established with a mission to become the PRIMARY networking platform to the transport industry by empowering customers and transport providers to connect in a safe and neutral environment. Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make informed decisions. Goload endeavours to provide the most ACTIONABLE platform with insight, data and a source of valuable information for both our customers and transport service providers. Oh! And did I mention we on a mission to help eliminate CO2 emissions, one exhaust fume at a time.” - Derek Townsend, Goload Founder.

As a company, we are so much more than just an online platform. We are fully committed to service excellence and ongoing support of all our customers and partners. We also know that, where innovation is sparked, imitation is sure to follow. Therefore we are fully committed to keep developing and refining our products, as well as to keep innovating in order to stay at the forefront of our industry. Above all, we strive to always remain an ethical company, to distinguish us from so many others who put profit above people. Finally, aside from striving to revolutionise logistics for everyone, we want to do it while keeping the fun in the workplace. After all, our happiness is sure to trickle down to our customers. In fact, our friendly support team can always be reached by email or live chat.

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We are always looking for good and reliable transporters to join our platform, so if you would like to be a part of the revolution then subscribe to the transporter mailing list - you’ll be the first to know when Goload is live.