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Thursday, 08 March 2018 12:05

FUCHS Lubricants Hosts Successful Sponsorship Breakfast

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FUCHS Lubricants-sponsored Motorsport teams at the breakfast.

FUCHS Lubricants hosted its 2018 sponsorship event for several motorsport teams at its offices and factory in Isando. Teams sponsored by FUCHS Lubricants include Monroe Racing RSA, Lance Isaacs Racing, HUD Racing, Marc Ansley, Cameron Durow, Regan Wasmuth, Team Truggy, AM Racing, MAD Racing, Vision Racing and Wilford Racing. 

The teams participate in various bike, go kart, motocross and motorsport championships. Monroe Racing’s rider Savannah Woodward races in the Super GP Championship, Zoe Bosch in the 250cc Championships, Lyle Ramsay in Class A of the MotorMart VW Challenge in a Polo. Wilford Racing competes in the Super V8 Supercar Modified series.  

2016 Formula Ford champion, MAD Racing’s Dewald Brummer, now races in the King Price Go Kart Challenge as well as the KZN Race motorsport championship. 

Alex Marques of AM Racing competes in a Polo in Class A of the Autobahn SuperHatch Championship and Team Truggy and HUD Racing compete in off-road racing. Vision Racing, Marc Ansley, Cameron Durow and Regan Wasmuth participate in motocross. 

“FUCHS Lubricants is proud to be a sponsor and to be associated with this wide selection of racing teams. We regularly receive feedback on how our products are benefiting in areas such as improved performance and reliability, even to the extent that it has contributed to winning races,” said Fatima Moolla, Product Manager Automotive, FUCHS Lubricants SA. 

Giel Nel of Team Truggy, the off-road racing team, says FUCHS Lubricants has given their team a competitive advantage contributing to its race wins. 

Mr Nel, a veteran of 30 years in off-road racing and winner of five national championships, says: “The lubricants enable the engine and gearbox to operate at high temperatures while the FUCHS fuel additives are boosting performance. In high-temperature desert racing conditions, the lubricants reduce engine operating temperature and contribute to better performance.” 

“We also use FUCHS Lubricants for our CV joints. This is providing a longer life span. In addition, the FUCHS engine cleaner enables us to get into smaller engine parts such as the carburettor and clean better, further contributing to improved reliability. The lubricants last longer and as a result oil changes are less frequent. In some cases we can run four times longer on FUCHS oils and lubricants before a service change is needed compared to previous competitive products we have used.” 

Ms Moolla says that one of the oils being used by Team Truggy is Titan Race Pro S, an oil formulated for Motorsport, track and high-performance use. “It exceeds the requirements of many industry and manufacturer standards,” she says.

“Another product, Titan Race Pro S SAE 10W-60, is a race-proven engine oil with high synthetic content and ester. It utilises advanced wear-reducing chemistry and its ester synthetic base is derived from aircraft turbojet engine lubrication technology.” 

“It has load-carrying and film strength properties in excess of those achieved with conventional mineral or synthesised hydrocarbon lubrications,” she concludes.   

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