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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 10:21

ADSoftware invests in new talents to ensure streamlined implementation of AIRPACK with its clientele

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After graduating from the prestigious ESTACA* Engineering School in 2012, Ingrid Gerphagnon started her career with Heli-Union, a French Helicopter Operator, specializing in offshore activities. Working with their CAMO** department, she joined the team responsible for the implementation of a new ERP, AIRPACK, developed and commercialized by ADSoftware.  

Assigned to the supervision of their data migration and team training, Ingrid quickly acquired strong knowledge in ADSoftware solutions. More importantly, this debut assignment enabled her to identify a number of important considerations for the successful delivery of a systems change program and the achievement of business benefit. “Maintaining a constant communication and managing business changes are central to successful delivery. Combined with the right training, you have a good chance of delivering a positive outcome on such a project”, said Ingrid when asked to elaborate from her own experience with Heli-Union.   

“Assessing the organisation’s readiness for change is an important part of pitching the training correctly. Sometimes you are pushing at an open door, other times the business is very change-averse. Forcing people to step away from their comfort zone can become a source of stress.  If this is the case, it is important to find out the reasons. The effects on jobs may be the main concern. It may even be that middle management is unconvinced about the need for change.”, she added.  

The identification of the supporters within the organisation can be a vital support in promoting the system and the changes it will entail. The role of the implementation team is to also involve the “unconvinced” in the development of the solution, give them opportunities to learn about the project and show them how the new solution will make their life easier.  

Once all these challenges are surmounted, ADSoftware then agrees with the client on a launch date of the solution. Ingrid’s last responsibility is to ensure that all the relevant staff have acquired the necessary skills to operate the system before she can hand over the client to the ADSoftware Support Team. Ingrid is currently supervising the implementation of AIRPACK modules with several clients located in Europe and Africa.  

Frédéric Ulrich, CEO of ADSoftware, met Ingrid Gerphagnon while teaching at the ESTACA Engineering School. “Teaching at this prestigious school is felt as an honour. I have also the privilege of meeting the future talents of our industry. Ingrid revealed herself to be one of the most promising student of her class”, he commented. “Ingrid’s role in the successful integration of AIRPACK with Heli-Union made her the best candidate to fill the new position opened by ADSoftware earlier this year.  Combined with her expertise in helicopters while she worked on the maintenance of their fleet, Ingrid’s experience brings tremendous values to our company”    

*ESTACA: Aeronautic Aerospace Automotive Railway Engineering School
** CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations  

About ADSoftware  

ADSoftware is a seventeen-year-old IT company based in France, with offices in Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Specialising in solutions dedicated to the aviation industry, ADSoftware counts 56 clients worldwide. The strength of ADSoftware is the accessibility of its products which are Microsoft Windows® ready, web-enabled, and multilingual. The company provides 24/7 online technical support.

The company has developed AIRPACK a modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite that includes six modules organised around a single database. Each module has its own specificities. AIRTIME is a dedicated tool for Fleet management & CAMO activities (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations), AIRSTOCK assist with Inventory control & Logistic, AIRDOC is the documentation management module, AIRUSER handles the security management, AIRSTAT allows reliability and statistic reports and AIRWORK time-tracking software.

ADSoftware has also developed DailyPack a package of two integrated modules, DailyReport and DailyQual, used by military, police and rescue flying operations. It is a solution dedicated to recording and managing all kinds of missions, and to follow-up on skills and qualifications of pilots and aircraft mechanics. The MRO software company recently introduced 4 new innovative mobile multiplatform apps to its flagship AIRPACK suite.

In January 2015, ADSoftware was nominated as a Finalist in the Air Transport News 2015 Awards as IT Company of the year. In February 2015, ADSoftware was selected for the second time as a finalist in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2015. The company was shortlisted in the SME Solution of the Year category.  

Visit http://www.adsoftware.fr/ for more information.
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