Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New technology puts customers in control of express deliveries

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New technology puts customers in control of express deliveries

Leading express parcels company DPD Laser has rolled out the most advanced mobile technology platform of any SA express service in its Dawn Wing and Time Freight businesses.  

The platform offers customers unprecedented real-time visibility and control of their deliveries.  The rollout is a key part of DPD Laser’s strategy to offer market leading delivery services for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients, and in doing so become the undisputed market leader in e-commerce delivery.  

“The e-commerce market in South Africa is set for massive growth but has been poorly served by delivery companies.  In all markets globally where e-commerce has grown exponentially, reliable and convenient delivery solutions have been critical enablers to that growth” said Iain Johnson, CEO of DPD Laser.  

“Our technology development provides our customers, and their customers, a high-quality service which finally gives them the level of control they’ve wanted over their deliveries”.  

DPD Laser’s new ‘Follow My Parcel’ platform alerts customers to their expected delivery time and confirms their delivery address, both of which can be changed by the recipient at any point during the delivery day.  It also provides details of the specific driver and delivery vehicle, a useful feature in a security conscious environment.  The platform then alerts the recipient by SMS when their delivery is next en-route and the recipient can track the driver on a live map as they make the delivery. DPD Laser says the end result is a more convenient and personalised delivery experience which has already improved first time delivery success rates and resulted in significantly less customer frustration. 

“This strategy of building a hybrid B2B/B2C delivery network, underpinned by technology, great service, and an obsession with the customer experience is nothing new to us as it’s what our sister companies across DPDgroup have been successfully building for many years”.   DPDgroup is regarded as a market leader in both B2B and B2C delivery in over 40 countries and delivered over 1bn parcels last year.