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The Forklift Guru: The Ultimate Destination for Forklifts

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The Forklift Guru is a one-stop destination for all your forklifts and stackers related needs. They sell forklifts and stackers of different brands. They are always there to help you make a right choice when you are purchasing a new forklift. The main responsibility of the company is to guide you on which brand’s forklift is perfect for your particular work.

Why should you buy a forklift from The Forklift Guru?

  • You will be able to get different types of robust and free duplex high view masts. Customised triplex masts are also available according to your request.
  • For restricted height access, heavy duty low overhead guard is available.
  • The forklifts are suitable for night work, as they have perfect rear light design and high luminance lamps.
  • Seat belts are there in every forklift.
  • In order to eliminate accidental steering slippage, 100% full hydraulic power steering and plus steering knob are provided in all forklifts.
  • Accessible fuel tanks, fuel efficient petrol and diesel models are offered in the forklifts.
  • Solid and pneumatic tyre options are available here.
  • On every model of the forklift, there are cascade side-shifts standard.
  • A wide range of fork sizes are available here, ranging from 920mm to 2400 mm.

Electric forklifts and diesel forklifts are sold here. Electric forklifts are perfect for those who want zero emission. They are very useful in places where noise is a problem, like in refrigeration places or places where there is inadequate ventilation.

Diesel forklifts are just perfect for harsh African environments. They are durable, strong and easy to use. The diesel forklifts of the Company come with a platinum catalyst in order to reduce emissions.

The Company sell both new forklifts and used forklifts. A big number of used forklifts are there, which enable the customers to choose from a wide range.

Forklift Rental options are available there, which is really a budget friendly and hassle free option for small companies. Once a customer rents it, The Forklift Guru delivers services and maintains their forklift, in order to complete the work with minimum downtime.

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About the Company:

The Forklift Guru is a one-stop destination where one can get their desired forklifts. They also offer guidance when buying new or used forklifts. Service excellence is the motto of this company. They offer their customers objective advice on different types of brands, proposals and comprehensive deals.

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