Tuesday, 08 March 2016

Postbox Courier saves online shoppers 70% on shipping costs

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Postbox Courier saves online shoppers 70% on shipping costs

Postbox-Courier.com is a South African company that offers locally-based online shoppers or businesses looking to import goods into this country a reliable, efficient and affordable solution that will save them up to 70% of the shipping costs.

It has depots in New York City, London Heathrow and Hong Kong, where they consolidate shipments and fly directly with the airlines to their office in Johannesburg, where they handle Customs clearance procedures in house, making a seamless service which is very safe, secure, and reliable.

Registration is free and users get allocated personal post-box addresses at all of the company’s worldwide depots. These local personal addresses are used by the user at the various online stores. The Customers then start ordering their goods online or directly from retailers and once the items have been received by Postbox-Courier they will use the Parcel Manager System to co-ordinate and track their purchases up until the final delivery point anywhere within South Africa. The system allows the user to control and manage their online overseas shopping experience and there are enormous financial benefits to be had with the consolidation facility and process.

Many overseas retailers – such as Amazon, Zappos, Light in the Box, Aliexpress and eBay – either don’t offer international delivery on certain products or those that do, charge excessive fees or use unreliable delivery methods. Utilising the service, customers can now order parts needed to repair an appliance or the latest tech gadget from a store in the UK, Europe, USA or China, have it posted or delivered to their Postbox Courier Personal Postbox, consolidated together with other purchases they have made and have it delivered anywhere within South Africa in a matter of 3-5 days, depending on destination.

A calculator on the Postbox-Courier website allows the user to establish an estimated courier costs prior to making any purchases. Constant e-mail alerts from Postbox-Courier will advise the user of the status of his purchases once they arrive at the various company's depots and a final cost when the goods are ready to be shipped. Once paid online via the secure PayPal portal, the items will be dispatched on the next aircraft to South Africa and be delivered within 3-5 days, depending on final destination.

There is no monthly joining or membership fee and no storage and consolidation charges. A 0.5 kg parcel from the USA will cost the user US$ 35.00 and an additional US 6.00 per 0.5 kg thereafter. Certain items will attract customs duties or VAT depending on value and commodity which is calculated and paid by the Johannesburg office which the customer is invoiced accordingly. A fee of R 150.00 is the only additional landed cost that is raised by Postbox-Courier prior to effecting delivery to the end user.

The company has been operating successfully in South Africa for the last 10 months and has attracted a fair amount of interest with online shoppers as well as the ex-pat South African community living abroad wanting to send gifts and items home to their loved ones. Postbox-Courier will shortly be offering a similar service for those ex-pats to shop at their favourite South African stores and have the purchases delivered securely, safely and cost effectively to their home abroad.

Check out the website for more information www.postbox-courier.com