26 August 2021

Zurubaby shakes local baby care market with new look and products

Submitted by Archy Hlahla
Zurubaby shakes local baby care market with new look and products

Brace yourself South Africa, a refreshed Zurubaby baby care product range is to soon hit the market, continuing to deliver its trusted quality ingredients that protect your baby against scratches, rash, and irritations, whilst nourishing their skin. Zurubaby, which first entered the extremely delicate market in 2018, is also introducing exciting new products such as baby tissue oil and making Zurubaby one of the few brands to provide tissue oil products for babies and their moms.

Zurubaby is part of the fast growing black owned and managed Xitsavi Health company which also produces beauty and skin care products under the Zuru Skin Care brand. Xitsavi Health is a joint venture between investment holding company Chavani Investments PTY and the highly experienced and innovative team at CW Pharmaceuticals in Centurion, Gauteng.

“We launched the baby range in 2018 because we wanted to plug a gap in the market. In the last 3 years of operations, we have had good reception to our products, and positive feedback from the market. The improvements and rebranding we are doing now, stems from the considerable feedback we have received”, says Nonceba Hlengani, Zuru MD.

“These improved products will definitely strike the market once again as they meet all babies’ care needs while continuing to satisfy mothers’ need for quality products and value for money. The new sizes allow a once-a-month purchase from new-born to toddler to young child”, she adds.

Zurubaby products are crafted with care using coveted natural ingredients such as baobab oil, moringa oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and safflower oil.

The ingredients found in Zurubaby products have many great benefits. The moringa oil has been used in Africa for many centuries as a curing herb for various ailments. It is a well-known tree which holds a special place in the hearts of Africans. Its properties include protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium and more.

Some of the products also contain avocado oil which offers healthy skin protection and safflower oil which is highly revered for the treatment of numerous skin conditions including dry skin.  The synergistic combination of these ingredients keeps the skin balanced, nourished, and healthy ensuring that skin integrity remain intact. It is well known that moringa, avocado and shea butter are safe and healthy for babies’ skin and that is why Zurubaby incorporated them into their products.

Tracy Chambers, Zurubaby Product Specialist, says, “Zurubaby products are aimed to respond to the South African atmosphere. Our environment needs appropriate solutions developed by local experts who understand the daily contact between our skin and the harsh realities we live in.

“The new packaging is inspired by the rich South African history, folklore stories and diverse landscape we have. Zurubaby products provide parents with a story telling opportunity with fun characters and thus promoting bonding between parent and child” Tracey Chambers concludes.

While meeting your Baby’s skin needs, Zurubaby helps children in need by donating some proceeds from their products to Rock of Hope children’s home. (read more about that on our website www.zurubaby.africa.