02 February 2022

Where good food and great company meet

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Where good food and great company meet

The past two years in isolation has made many yearn for the normalcy they once enjoyed. Breakfast with your friends, lunches with the family, dinner with your significant other and a night out on the town every now and then- not at home! We want to reclaim our freedom to associate and socialise, let our hair loose and unwind in the spaces we choose with the company of our liking.

The cosmopolitan dining and upmarket lounge of Co.fi promises this and more, and will be opening the doors of its fourth branch in Carlswald Midrand on 28 January 2022. They have created an atmosphere that tailors to the need for people to express themselves casually, socially and professionally, in an aesthetically appealing environment with multiple dedicated spaces that appeal to a variety of consumers.

Co.fi Midrand comprises three bar areas- the most out of all its locations- and a fusion of new, as well as elements from its other locations. They have struck a balance between maintaining their signature look and blended this with offerings that cater to their upmarket clientele such as the introduction of a ‘Pink Room’, which is their first ever wine cellar and sushi to their appetising menu. 

It however has not been without its challenges to create this dedicated space in the gateway to Johannesburg. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the restaurant and entertainment industry and sustainability has been a core focus of businesses such as Co.fi. This involves being flexible while retaining the brand's well recognised identity and bringing a fresh product to an ever-changing market.

This is reflected in the interior design which consists of the traditional Co.fi colour scheme (grey, gold, black and white) and the introduction of green, pink and blue to create an exquisite sensory experience. The director of Co.fi stated that, “we are able to adapt to the changes that have taken place in the past two years in the restaurant industry, what we did a few years back is not happening now, we are actually changing with time”. 

Co.fi continues to solidify its foothold in the restaurant and entertainment industry. Its latest location promises to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele and become a hub where good food and great company meet. A larger location means that there is more space for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, to do so without worrying about social distancing and focus more on appreciating the ambiance Co.fi has to offer.

For more information visit http://www.cofi.co.za. follow on twitter @Cofi_Midrand, Instagram @cofi_midrand and like on Facebook Cofi_Midrand

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