12 January 2022

When asking for the hand!

Submitted by Steven J Brown
When asking for the hand!

When asking for the hand……If you think it’s time to pop the question, we bet you’re sweating, thinking of ways to make it special, as those four words “will you marry me” can make you weak at the knees, especially if being romantic is a bit of a challenge.

The Granny Mouse Country House & Spa have stepped in & guided with those who have proposed in creating that personalized magical moment, so, with the team here at the “Mouse House” around do not despair. There are so many tips to make a proposal memorable and make it a magical moment to remember for your happily ever after.

So many couples have spent special moments at Granny Mouse before tying the knot, so look at doing the big question somewhere sentimental. It could be a restaurant where you had your first date so it takes your proposal full circle.

If you happy to do this, one could book the whole family in where you are. Have your nearest and dearest at a nearby vantage point, so after you have popped the question and your partner says yes, wave everyone in so they can get to congratulate you both and share in this happy moment. Good timing to have all those around would no doubt be the holidays or end of year where they can be there with you.

When asking, don’t forget to say the words, to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Saying the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” (this really needs to be asked).

Be sure to hire in a professional photographer, as you really want fabulous images of the proposal. Better than getting your bestie in whose phone’s battery dies or who can’t work a camera.

Try to propose during the day or early evening, so you can then enjoy the rest of the day or evening. It does so help with the nerves too. You get to be able to then wine and dine, and your partner gets to show off the ring rather than wait until the next day.

If you are someone that battles with romance and many of us do, being smooth or sauve doesn’t come naturally to most of us. So, don’t be anyone else but you, speak from the heart. Be you!!

Don’t read your speech, and if you get nervous you will forget everything you have to say, therefore make a cheat sheet! Speak slowly and it will all work out.

If your partner has children, include them in the proposal and even bring them in on the plan. Just hope they don’t snitch and let the “cat is out the bag”.

Where ever or however you propose, some words of advice, know you partner and if they are shy do not ever do a public, elaborate over the top proposal with large crowds. If you don’t like it, it may very well be that your partner possibly doesn’t either.

So best of luck with that proposal and see you all at the “Mouse House” soon.

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Inspired by: https://pink-book.co.za/wedding-tips-ideas/planning/9-tips-on-how-to-propose/