15 June 2022

The Fox and The Village

Submitted by Josh Maraney
The Fox and The Village

Once upon a time, there was a brewery called Heineken that wanted to drive trial of their new apple cider to a kingdom of young, smart, and attractive students. They searched far and wide for the right agency until one day they happened upon a village – Student Village…

In every fable, there’s always a moral to the story. For Heineken’s new apple cider Fox, it was learning that if you want to drive trial with students it’s best to engage on their level, with people they know and trust.

The sampling strategy for Fox was simple: leverage our extensive network of influencers to promote and activate the brand through 250 micro-activations over the festive season.

Students were encouraged to taste and experience the “bev” by becoming a part of the #FoxNation. Every activation was designed to create a memorable, shareable experience that blew up and grew into a real success story.

Social media reach: 3,050,622

Social media engagements: 27,660

Positive sentiment on social media: 88%

Overall engagement: 63%

Units sampled: 170,000

“Sampling 170,000 units to students is no small task, but Student Village managed to exceed our expectations in every way. We’re excited to continue growing the #FoxNation together throughout the coming months.”

Warrick Wyngaard – Brand Manager, Fox, and Sol

And so, working with Student Village, Fox soon became loved by many-a-student across the land. And they all partied happily ever after.

Student Village  are youth market specialists. For over 20 years we have nurtured deep and direct connections with youth, enabling us to create and facilitate insight-driven and authentic marketing for our brands. Our services include youth insights, strategy, creative, digital, and influencer marketing campaigns, and managing corporate bursary programs – reaching youth where they live, work, learn and play. Learn more at https://studentvillage.co.za

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