13 September 2021

The Best of boating while floating to celebrate a special occasion! 

Submitted by Steven J Brown
The Best of boating while floating to celebrate a special occasion! 

Planning a wedding or special occasion like a landmark birthday or wedding anniversary?

Why not take it up a notch by spending time on our lake shores or celebrating aboard our houseboats in the middle of one of SA’s most scenic water wonderlands? 

With Covid regulations restricting the sizes of events still firmly in place, we have a perfect excuse to make smaller gatherings that little bit more creative and memorable.

So, we’re on hand to help you ensure that that reception, anniversary or special birthday dinner party is remembered forever for all the right reasons.  

By helping to host your wedding on water, we can not only add a special spirit of adventure but provide that magical feeling of style and elegance. The atmosphere of a buoyant celebration – complete with a romantic sunset and twinkling lights – can be everything from truly romantic to light hearted and fun. 

As you soak up the stunning scenery of the surrounding Lebombo mountains and experience the unique wildlife of the Pongola Game Reserves along the shores of Lake Jozini, you and your guests will certainly enjoy a uniquely African celebration. 

To add a little convenience to the beautiful surrounds, remember that we’ll be on hand to make sure that your entire event will come in at a single sum, saving you both money and time when it comes to gathering up all those inevitable loose ends.

In addition to seeing that your nuptials are conducted on board, we will also be on hand to handle the catering within our beautiful dining area and provide drinks from our on board bar. We can also serve up an unforgettable pre-wedding dinner the night before. Guests attending won’t have to hop into their cars to get from wedding venue to the reception and can relax and enjoy a few glasses of bollie without worrying about drinking and driving.

In fact, you can leave everything up to the captain and just relax and have fun under a single roof. 

We’re also told that having a wedding on water is highly symbolic. Spiritually, water is believed to represent ebb and flow just like marriage and a theme of give and take and the cycles of life as manifest in nature can be woven into the ceremony giving it even more depth and meaning.  

A specialty Shayamanzi Cake is available on request, made with love and care by our on-board chefs – and if you plan to rock the boat just a little, we have new juke boxes on board with 1000’s of songs ranging from gorgeous golden oldies to the most current hits.

The same goes for celebrating special anniversaries, birthdays and achievements with all those special trimmings Shayamanzi style.

An added bonus is that time aboard a houseboat celebrating within your special social bubble takes away the stresses and strains of constant mask wearing, social distancing and sanitizing and lets you let down your hair and enjoy the warmth of the Zululand sun and good company. 

Take it from us, a houseboat holiday is a perfect way to avoid the crowds and get away from the day to day stresses surrounded by a small handful of your nearest and dearest.

Enjoy fresh air, great food and peace and quiet whilst supporting many of the small local businesses that will contribute to making your day a special one. 

To book for that special occasion or find out more about the Shayamanzi Houseboats go to www.shayamanzi.co.za