16 October 2019

Sunsail sponsors Royal Yacht Cape Academy race at Cape Town International Boat Show 2019

Submitted by Kerryn

Sunsail are proud to announce their first sponsorship package to the Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) Sailing Academy. The RCYC Sailing Academy will be racing at the Cape Town International Boat Show on Sunday, 19 October between 14:00 and 16:00 and Sunsail are sponsoring their transport, lunch and t-shirts.

Says Liesl Nel, Distribution Manager of Sunsail, South Africa: “As a company built originally by sailors, for sailors, the opportunity to contribute towards giving youth access to the Show to race, was a natural fit. The Cape Town International Boat Show is basically about showcasing boating and yachting industry and the whole value chain of the industry, so we completely support the Academy in their desire to integrate their students into this event”.

The Academy has 8 small keel boats (L26’s) that are used for training. However the Academy will be stepping out of their comfort zone and are challenging other youth from Imperial Yacht Club, Zeekoeivlei Yacht Club and Milnerton Aquatic Club to a Team Racing Regatta in double handed dinghies. These will be used for the racing on Sunday.

“Currently, we have 82 students in total ranging from 16 to 27 years and these youngsters are also taking part in yacht races including overseas races,” says Jennifer Burger, Operations Manager of the RCYC Sailing Academy.

“The racing at the Cape Town International Boat Show will happen in front of the Cape Grace and Aquarium and will take the format of two hours of spectacle racing. There will be four teams competing with four boats on the water at all times. Each team will comprise of six sailors and an organising team, including rescue. The races will be short, with quick change-over of sailors every 10 minutes. All the sailors are youth and most are youth from disadvantaged programs.”

Concludes Nel: “We hope that our contribution enables more youth to not only have the opportunity to participate in the Cape Town Boat Show programme, but also to assist them in towards their goal of becoming competent seafarers.”

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The Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) has been providing a safe haven for visitors and has been an active sailing community for over 100 years.

The RCYC Academy is a newly registered Non- Profit Organization (NPO/Reg. No: 207-269).

RCYC Sailing Academy offers a unique training programme, which is designed to equip individuals with the fundamental basics of life skills through training. They focus on the development of sailing skills, teamwork and sportsmanship amongst students. The students will acquire a set of life skills which will be gained through a practical and hands on experience with sailboats. An aspect of respect for the ocean and the environment is also brought into the course.

The Academy has SAS (South African Sailing) qualified skippers and instructors including a SAS accredited Senior Sailing Instructor. The RCYC Academy is funded by Government entities such as South African International Maritime Institution (SAIMI), Lotto to mention a few.

For more information visit: https://youtu.be/N52lrIvTmcI


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