08 February 2022

Social studies cheat sheet: Five tips to own your first year

Submitted by MyPressportal Team
Social studies cheat sheet: Five tips to own your first year

Even the biggest go-getters might find going to university daunting, especially when moving away from home for the first time. It’s a milestone that comes with great freedom as a young adult, but it’s also a time when many students find themselves homesick or missing the support structures they had in high school.

But don’t fear – the trick to creating an incredible university experience lies in the people you surround yourself with. And with the many ways to connect with your new class and digs mates, you’ll have yourself on the path to an unforgettable university experience in no time!

Try these 5 tips to put yourself out there:

Mind over matter
You’ve made it to university because you’ve got some smarts – now it’s time to turn those brains towards your social situation. Positive thinking and a proactive attitude will take you far in life, and there’s no better time to start than in your first year. Be prepared to make the mind shift towards seizing opportunities, and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by a gang of like-minded guys and gals.

Sporting chance
Another great way to meet new people is by joining a sports team. You’ll immediately bond through teamwork, and you’ll have fun doing it. Don’t be intimidated by college sports teams – you can easily find social teams playing five-a-side soccer, touch rugby or action netball, which will give you the same amount of fun without having to represent your school.

Swot up a storm
Too much of a book worm for any of the other suggestions? That’s ok. There’s still a way for you to meet new people! Join a study group for some of your subjects, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by people with similar interests that you can connect with. Who knows, you might even feel like the star of Netflix’s show with your own Community-style study group.

Sign up
Not the party all night type? Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to meet new people. Your college will have a list of clubs and social gatherings, and you’re sure to find at least one that interests you. These clubs are a great way of meeting people with similar interests and could be the foundation for lifelong friendships. Red Bull Paper Wings will be kicking off at campuses and universities across the country in February and is the ideal time to meet new people while having fun. The fun could even lead to an all-expenses paid trip to Hangar 7 in Austria for the Red Bull Paper Wings world final in May.  Keep an eye out for more information on the site.

Be a social butterfly
No one ever made friends by hiding at home. It’s time to get out on the dance floor and show them what you’ve got! If you’re not sure where to find a great party, look out for the Red Bull O-week events happening across the country at universities and campuses.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and socialise while listening to some of the best beats. Check out what’s happening in your town on Instagram.

With all the socialising you’ll be doing, don’t forget to hydrate, invest in yourself and your studies. Your university years are the ideal time to create lasting friendships and prepare for your future, and you’re the one who’s in charge of creating your opportunities.