28 July 2021

Paragliding in Cape Town

Submitted by Stefan Kruger
Paragliding in Cape Town

Have a Safe Flight!

Enjoy the Fresh Air Safely with Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town. With Cape Town’s lockdown restrictions lifting, there’s no better time to get out there and experience our fair city again! The Mother City is a beautiful place, with stunning crystal blue coastlines and majestic mountain ranges to take your breath away - and there’s no better way to see it all than from up in the air with our tandem paragliding experience! Paragliding in Cape Town is the breath of air and shot of life we all need after being cooped up inside for as long as we have. Not only is it high above all the toils and troubles of the ground, but it’s safe, exciting and memorable! Here’s how joining us for a tandem paragliding experience is the safest Cape Town adventure you could have.

Social Distancing?

Double-check! Maintaining a safe distance from others is key to protecting ourselves and others from Covid-19. This can be difficult when visiting many of Cape Town’s hot spots and attractions, but up in the air, there’s plenty of space between you and the people on the ground. You can enjoy the fresh ocean air with peace of mind, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face!

You’ve got your own pilot!

Taking up paragliding as a hobby is no small feat, and we don’t blame anyone for being wary of flying with no experience. The good news is, you don’t need any! Fly Cape Town Paragliding offers tandem paragliding with our team of highly trained paragliders, trained and licensed to carry passengers! Our pilots are here to show you around the skies safely, clued up on all the best paragliding techniques and safety protocols. We’re passionate about flying, and we’re eager to give that joy to every adventurer. In relation to the point above, our pilots follow all of the Covid-19 operational safety protocols, wearing masks and regularly sanitising. We check the temperatures of all our staff members for your safety and peace of mind. During the flight, both you and your pilot will wear masks for the safety of all involved, as the wind can carry droplets.

For you? Only the best paragliding equipment!

You’re only as safe as the quality of your paragliding equipment! Any good paragliding team will come prepared with the best tandem paragliding equipment, and better than that, our flight school in Cape Town sells some of the most exciting, world-renowned brands of paragliders for every possible occasion, from trick and sports gliders to endurance gliders.For your flight, you can be rest assured your pilot will carefully celebrate the flight equipment and gear to your specifications, ensuring you’re safe and secure. Every pilot flies with a reserve parachute and is well versed in safe paragliding techniques to keep you and other fliers safe.

We put safety above all else!

There’s a right and wrong time for everything, and as any Cape-Townian will know, our weather is a fickle mistress. Before your flight and on the day we’ll carefully monitor the weather to make sure conditions are perfect for flying. A clear day isn’t an indicator of safety, and our technicians will consider all factors involved when not only picking the day but choosing the launch site to fly from. If the weather conditions aren’t favourable on your flight date, we’ll reschedule a new date that works for you. This is for your safety, and to give you the best paragliding experience possible.

Enjoy the freedom of flight with Fly Cape Town.

It’s all of the above that goes towards taking you on the best Cape Town adventure you could enjoy, making memories and getting your heart pumping again! Fly Cape Town is here to keep you safe and show you the skies when you spread your wings, and we host regular discounts to give everyone the opportunity to feel what it’s like to fly!

Check out our website to book your paragliding Cape Town experience with us, and take a look at our additional services and packages offered to our fliers, from inflight videos and photos to paragliding lessons.