04 October 2021

Packing it all in for the Weekend!

Submitted by Steven J Brown
Packing it all in for the Weekend!

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa is just the place to head to for a short few days to rejuvenate your soul.

Whether you are heading for a break with your bestie group or a romantic getaway with your other half to escape it all, General Manager Shaun Granger of the “Mouse House” highlights packing should be super easy right?

Are you one of those people who pack even the kitchen sink for those just in case moments.

Let’s break it down and keep it simple so you don’t have 3 bags to your partners or besties one.

The hardest part for most people is my biggest secret: pick out the clothes you’re going to wear each day before you leave.

You’ll need to do a little research, your planned itinerary and of course the weather. 

At Granny Mouse we will however provide you with information that helps plan your stay. From this, you will definitely be able to figure out what you need then take exactly that, adds Granger.

The most basic and quick checklist of a basic weekend packing list which can be slightly modified for any type of getaway:

Comfy shoes for the entire weekend - be it takkies, boots or sandals depending on the weather and what you plan on doing. If you doing long leisurely walks then takkies will be obviously be the best choice.

Clothing items that you will no doubt need will be a pair of pants or jeans, a couple of t-shirts, and a dressier top for dinners at the Eaves Restaurant. Pack the basics, two pairs of underwear, socks, a pair of pj’s, a book, the cell phone charger, water bottle, face masks and pop all in an overnight bag.

Casual shirts that can be dressed up for dinner for the evenings and of course the toiletry bag with all your bits.

Remember again ladies and gents, it is only for a few nights and we have a spa on the property so you can make time for some pampering right here.

If your trip is with your loved one, remember to maybe scale up from pj’s to something nice.

For the trip be sure to pack some road trip snacks, and bring a water bottle with you so you not buying too many throw away plastic bottles.

Things not to forget so you don’t waste time finding stores instead of taking the time to enjoy the break are phone chargers and power cables if you taking your laptops. Nothing worse than forgetting your toothbrush and toothpaste so remember to pack that first into your toiletry bag, as a stinky breath is not welcome by those in close proximity to you.

Sunblock is easy to forget, and it is necessary especially in sunny South Africa.

Another must is the mosquito repellent - now that spring has sprung, they seem to be coming out of hibernation thick and fast.

If you get cold or hot days Vaseline or lip balm to avoid chapped or cold sores. Head ache pills or any scheduled medication, you don’t want to end up suffering for no reason.

Lastly, remember your sunglasses; its not just for shading your eyes, but a fashion statement as well!.