18 November 2021

Moonlight Rhythm Society releasesfirst single ‘Allison’ off their debut album ``Drawing Down The Moon” offering a new alternative to mainstream pop

Submitted by Joanne Olivier
Moonlight Rhythm Society releasesfirst single ‘Allison’ off their debut album ``Drawing Down The Moon” offering a new alternative to mainstream pop

Alisson has blown the lights out on Soundcloud with over 1 Million plays

Moonlight Rhythm Society release their melodic jazzy pop single Allison off their debut EP Drawing Down The Moon’.

Moonlight Rhythm Society (MRS) consists of three band members;Peter Gaylord, Marcus Oberlechner and Andreas Oberlechner who have been together in various band permutations since the mid-1980s.

The bands first single Allison is proving to be a runaway hit as it reaches 1 million plays on Soundcloud. The 4 songs on SoundCloud together have had 1.6 Million plays with the second single "Metropolis", doing 203K in less than a week.

The first single Allison is about a guy who is in a relationship and falls for another woman. The song is about infidelity; at what point is one cheating. Are you cheating if you have fantasies about another person while you are already in a relationship? That’s why the Chorus states … “High Crimes in my head”.

MRS has drawn its inspiration from artists such as Sting, Steely Dan, Aj Jarreau, Paul Simon to name but a few and has been driven to write original and melodic material that will appeal to both the public at large as well as musicians generally.

Like many other bands MRS had its roots in a High School band playing cover versions and progressing to self-penned original material.

The three core members formed the basis of first the band Protocol that became Riverblues, with MRS being the latest evolution rising from the ashes of the Covid 19 pandemic, which allowed the three band members to find the time to write new material.

Fortunately music recording has evolved dramatically since the 80s with massive advancements in digital recording techniques, which allowed long-distance interaction with musicians from all over the world to produce top class recordings with outstanding session musicians and producers, eager to stay active during the worldwide shutdown whilst at the same time having to isolate from each other.

MRS has never sought to imitate or follow current trends seeking instead to create its own following that encompasses various genres of music to appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers.

Given the vagaries and uncertainties of the music industry all three of the founding members had to “moonlight” in the real world by sustaining themselves in various industries and professions whilst pursuing a common dream to write and perform good music that has longevity to be appreciated for many years to come.

Great pride and care has been taken in crafting and arranging songs that break the current trend of audio loops, mindless lyrics and endless repetition that mainstream music has become. 

The aim is to reintroduce good melodies to a new generation of listeners and to offer alternatives to what is currently on offer.

REVIEW – “Without pandering to fads or fashion, without compromising what they do to fit in, without surfing the latest cultural zeitgeist, they manage to create a sort of alternative mainstream music. Now “alternative mainstream music” is obviously an oxymoron but I can’t think of a better way of putting it”.